James Bond: Double or Die

By: Justin Conley

James Bonds Career Starter

James Bonds friend Pritpal lost his professor for a crossword club, and James figures the professor was kidnapped due to a crossword puzzle the professor Fairburn left for his student. James, Pritpal and his other friend Tommy Chong find the clue to the crossword puzzle solving it. James learns he needs to stop two men who want to stop James and make sure Fairburn isnt saved. James undergos a huge heist to get some info out of a man coming to work with the crossword puzzle man who is coming around. James learns about the two viciious killers nad how they work for a russian woman named Babushka. James has to get on the freiter to get Alexis Fairburn off of the ship before its too late. James saves Fairburn with his friends Red ,Reds sister, and Perry Mandervile. Babushka is stopped and both of the killers are presumed dead one killed by decapitation and one by being slammed by a blunt object and thrown off deck.

Our Characters James and Fairburn

James Bond is our first character dont underestimate him, this kid goes through tough challenges and always finds a way to get through tough situations by himslef or with friends.

Alexis Fairburn is our second character, Fairburn is the type of guy who wont back down easily and is a tough spirit to crack, Fairburn can be very trustworthy not to spill the beans at any given moment, even under pressure.

The Places James had to go.

James Bond cracked the puzzle case at his dorm in Eton university, went through the card game learning tons of info about Fairburn's whereabouts, James went to a cemetary to learn abotu a clue Fairburn hid there for soul purposes. Bond even had to go through a bar go to Cambridge where a professor was presumed dead by a bayonett, James had to go through one of Carthages factories to get from the two killers chasing James, James had to get fro ma gambling casino where James was forced to drink a lethal amount of liquor, James last adventure took place on a ship where the N.E.M.E.S.I.S machine was hidden along with Fairburn.

James Problems

James got into a lot of trouble but these are the crucial ones that tie up the story: James is follwed by two killers Ludwig and Wolfgang Smith both brothers named after musicians they set out to work for Bubushka for their share of money. James had to survive them while finding out where Fairburn was and why he was kidnapped in the first place. James meets up with an old friend named Red and Reds sister Kelly and her gang was James took Red and Reds sister to the places where Fairburn left clues. James then found out it was only eight hours before the frieter would ship off with Fairburn and the N.E.M.E.S.I.S machine. James finally got on board the frieter to find the killers Bubushkha the machine and Fairburn was. James gets on the ship and find the ship is starting to sail the massive fog and wind distract the two killers letting James gather time in time being one of the brother runs out to find James but gets his head cut off by fishing wire. The other brother chases James but ends up being shashed into a giant object being thrown off deck. James is stuck on the area where Fairburn is again tied up, the control room. James fights Bubushkha and starts to harm James. James realizes he had a unloaded gun and aims it at Bubushkha. Bubushkha is handed to by authorities and is placed in a cell.

The Author Charles Higson.

Charles Higson now lives with his wife and three kids in England. Higson is also known to be quite lazy due to him using Wikipedia info on him for his own webpage.

James Bonds Quote: Shaken not Stirred, You scared? Im certianly not, and Im the obvious better man.