Mrs. Sharon Garcia

Dyslexia/Reading Intervention


My passion for teaching reading has lead me from 10 years in the classroom to providing reading intervention for striving readers. I have been a Reading/Dyslexia Specialist for four years now. Dyslexia and Reading intervention is where I love to make an impact on the future. I have my Master's Degree in Elementary Reading and Literacy. I earned my Bachelor's Degree from University of Texas Pan American.

Apart from my career at Smith Elementary, I am a wife and mother. My husband and I have three wonderful children. Our oldest, at 11 years old, is embarking on a new journey to Intermediate school. Our middle child will be going into Third grade. Our baby, 3 years old, is in his last year of daycare.

I enjoy a few hobbies. We love to take family trips, read, and watch movies. I love to craft, read, and scrapbook.

Life long learning keeps me motivated and well informed so that I can be the best for my students.

Thank you for stopping in!

Reading Intervention for Students with Dyslexia

Our district elementary Dyslexia Specialists use the Basic Language Skills program by Neuhaus. This program has been designed and based on decades of research for best practices with students with Dyslexia. Students that are identified as having Dyslexia are provided intervention that can help them make sense of the English language, spelling rules, morphology, syllable types and other essential written language concepts. With intervention that targets the key components of decoding written language; the goal is to help improve student fluency as well as comprehension.

Reading Intervention for Striving Readers

In addition to meeting the needs of students identified with Dyslexia, part of my responsibility is to also provide reading intervention for those that are not identified. We use several programs to meet the individual needs of the students on our campus. One of those programs is used by myself. System 44 Next Generation is a very diverse and amazing reading intervention program used to help students attain early reading strategies and knowledge of basic components of decoding the language, build an extensive vocabulary, improve reading fluency, as well as build a better capacity for comprehending complex and diverse texts.
Neuhaus Resources

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Learning Ally

Dyslexia students have access to a wide range of audio books. Click this link to log on and start using your virtual shelf.

HMH Information

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Spelling City Resource and Word lists

Practice spelling and reading words from lists we've created throughout the school year!