Essay Poster

By Brad Chu


Lois Lowry wrote the science fiction novel The Giver. The Giver is about a boy named Jonas who lives in a secluded community. He sees things that others don't. After being named the Receiver of Memory, he goes to his mentor, the man that calls himself the Giver. After he spends some time being the Receiver of Memory, he begins to see past memories and emotions that no one else does. When The Giver was made into a popular motion picture, there was little more than a handful of differences but it didn't change the plot of the story.

The main differences lie the age of maturity, changes in dialogue and when things happen in the story. Starting with the differences in ages in the book, Jonas and his friends are twelve but in the movie they are eighteen. I believe the producers did that because eighteen is a more mature age and our society see it as such. "The ceremony of Twelve was the last of the Ceremonies. The most important." (Lowry pg 14). That says he is twelve because he is in the ceremony, and in the movie, he is eighteen to make his character more mature to relate to today's world. The use of different dialogue because they want to catch the audience that read the book off guard and make it more exciting,"Now he cleans him up and makes him comfy,"(Lowry pg. 149). And I remember in the movie, Jonas didn't say the line when he asked to see the release. And a different way of living. Instead of asking to share each other's dreams in the afternoon in the movie and in the book they shared their dreams in the morning, "Thank you for your dream Jonas,' Mother said after a moment. She glanced at Father. "Lily,' Father said,'it's time to leave for school."(Lowry pg 36). In the movie, they said their dreams right before their bedtime.

As a member of the audience or a reader, the handful of differences do not affect the outcome of the story. But the movie producers modified the storyline to draw a larger audience, instead of staying true to the plot. Overall, the movie production was a success and it did not ruin the story.


I chose the apple because it is the first colored object that Jonas sees. The apple means change in an unfeeling boring community. The apple also can relate to Jonas because he sees what others don't. No one else in the community sees the apple as a red object; they just see it as nurishment. Sometimes color can mean an emotion and only Jonas and the giver feel the 'true' experience of emotion.


The picture represents when Jonas was skipped in the ceremony. It foreshadowed that Jonas was on a different path in the elder's eyes and he knew something was going to change him in a big way. It eventually happens when Jonas changes his perception of how life should be lived when becoming Receiver of Memory. Jonas thought there should be love, emotion, and memories good and bad.


We as people have to remember there are a multitude of emotions to experience such as pain, happiness, and love that we need to live with. To experience pain, as we do experience pain, we should also experience happiness and joy, and the feeling of love. But as we must see the bad to experience the good.