By: Sarah, Anna, Jill and Brendan


Come to the robot wars! Have you ever wanted to see robot flip other robots over and smash them? Then you've come to the right flyer! We’re going to have a smashing robot war!

What is Robot Wars?

Robot wars was a British game show where people fight using their home-made robots to destroy each other. The person who wins advances, and whoever wins gets prize money!


Friday, Feb. 13th, 12pm

120 Natches Trace

Coppell, TX


11:00 - People competing in the Robot War are expected to arrive by 11:30, with their robots.

12:00 - People start to arrive at the school and get their seats.

12:30 - Robot Wars begin. The match-up will be entirely random.

3:30 - Robot Wars should be over by now. Prizes will distributed to the winners.


For catering, we'll have 60 pizzas. This assumes that everyone would eat 2 slices of pizza. We’d get 20 pizzas of cheese, 20 pizzas of pepperoni, and 20 pizzas of alfredo. If we got them from Domino’s, then it would be roughly $10 a pizza, or $600 dollars.

We'll also buy 40 bottles of soda, 10 bottles of Coke (5 regular and 5 diet), 10 bottles of Sprite, 10 bottles of Dr. Pepper and 10 bottles of root beer.


First place winner will receive $200. Second place will receive $125. Third place winner will receive $75.


Robot Wars: Razer vs Robochicken vs Velocirippa (Extended Battle)

How much does it cost for me to get in?

The ticket itself cost $5 dollars, but there is also a $2 parking fee per group. Both of these will be paid at the door. Food is obtained by buying a $5 voucher for (up to) 2 slices of pizza and unlimited drink.


An unarmed security guard costs $14 an hour. Two guards will be placed on every entrance from outside the gym The price should be $56 an hour for all of them. It’s is less than an armed guard, which would cost $72. The total event time will be 3 hours. If the crowd gets out of control, the guards will come over and keep them back. If they get through, then we will get the robots into the viewing area of the controllers. The viewing area will be fenced off, so no one should be able to get in there. Parking will be in front of the school and at Denton Creek, if necessary.
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Where will the money go?

All proceeds will be donated to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF).