Tech Tidbits with Traci

March 20, 2015

Technology Rock Star

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Ms. Womack, the PES library aide is using technology in her library like a pro. Recently, she has created two interactive technology games for the students to help them understand how the Dewey Decimal system works. The first one was a QR code game that took them to certain sections of the library where they would have to identify the subject mater for that section. This week she created an electronic scavenger hunt where the students worked in groups to find certain books in the scavenger hunt. Students had to toggle between Google Docs and Destiny, our electronic card catalog. She also uses Google Classroom with her classes on a regular basis.

Just for Fun ~ Google Feud

Google Feud combines the format of Family Feud with the never-ending entertainment of guessing how Google will auto-complete what you type into its search bar. Start by selecting one of the four categories: culture, people, names, and questions. You get three chances to guess how Google would auto-complete the sentence based on other people's guesses.

Be careful. It's addicting!

Carnival Slides

Our students use Google Slides on a daily basis. This site can help your students' Google slide presentations look awesome. Choose from hundreds of high-quality, well-designed Google Slides templates. Open the original Google Slides file, then save a copy to your own Drive. Each presentation includes dozens of variations of slides, including slides for quotes, charts, maps, statistics and more.


Busy working on your computer? Spending hours searching the Internet? Get active with Move It, the easiest way to be reminded that you should integrate a break into your work online. Simply add the Move It extension to your browser, set the notification interval, and your screen will present you with a random brain break and exercise to complete. Once you complete it, hit done and the next will arrive after the designated interval elapses again.


Clarisketch is a free Android app that has great potential for classroom use. The app allows you to take a picture or pull one from your device’s camera roll and then add your voice to it. While you are talking about your picture you can draw on it to highlight sections of it. Completed projects are shared as links to the video file hosted on Clarisketch. You can share the link to your Clarisketch video and have it play on nearly any device that has a web browser. This is accessible on the Nexus tablets and the Chromebooks. Digital story telling just got more fun!

Math Duel

Math Duel is an Android app that two players can use at the same time on the same Android tablet. The game features a split screen with two number pads facing in opposite directions. When the game starts each player is presented with a math problem to solve. The game have different levels, but each player is shown a problem of the same difficulty level. Watch the short video below for a demonstration (warning, the background music is annoying so you might want to mute your speakers).

Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game

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