James Paterson

The Digital Design Museum

What did he do?

James Paterson has been making pictures with computer codes since 1997, when Flash 2 was introduced. He says that the computer is like a sketchbook.


Paterson was born in 1980, and, at eight years old he moved to Canada and studied print-making (artworks made by printing, usually on paper) until he dropped out to go and live in New York.

While he was in New York he launched his website presstube.com. A year ago, Paterson attended a Flash conference in London and met Amit Pitaru, who was living on the same street as him.

They started working on www.insertsilence.com (their joint website) and for commercial commissions such as the Pagan Poetry project for Bjork. They still both work together although Paterson recently moved to Montreal.

All information was found from the Design Museum