Welcome to Minnesota

Hope you like it!

We have lots of land for your family's and for farming!


St.Paul is the capital of Minnesota. The steam boats come and go from there. Lots of nice people live there. Our first teacher is here at St.Paul.

Alexander Ramsey

Alexander Ramsey was the first territorial governor and the second state governor.

One of his goals was to have the Indians give up there land. His goal was complete in 1851 when they signed the treaties.

These are some comments that people said.

"I made the best desition of my life when i came to Minnestoa. My family and friends are well feed and have a house so they are not out in the streets." said Emma. " We finaly have good jobs over here in Minnesota. Our family is healthy again and my kids are going to school! We love it over here!!" Said David.


Our fur trade is over here is a great job to have. We have plenty of jobs for the men and women. The kids can go to school dearing the day when you are at work. You could be a clerk or be a voyageur. There is plenty of jobs for you and your family.


We have a goverment to help choose the desitioins of our land. He helps us a lot we the desitions. our fist governor is Henry Sibley.


Over here we have lots of snow and its fun to play in. People say that the cold kills fevers.
There is some Indians here. They don't bother us though. Some of them are nice.