Lucid dreaming and the pills provided can have severe side effects and can cause near death experiences if not used properly!! For the side effects and more information, continue reading.

Some side effects of lucid dreaming are sleep paralysis, lucid nightmares, being trapped in a dream, exhaustion, drowsiness, insanity, lack of mindful consciousness, difficulty distinguishing reality, obsession, and more.

Sleep Paralysis

Our bodies naturally fall into a frozen state to prevent bringing harm to ourselves while sleeping and dreaming. Sleep paralysis is when our musicales are in the "off" state but our consciousness switches to "on" state. If sleep paralysis is just and in-between sleep and awake physical state, then why do some people experience "hallucinations or supernatural experiences"? The vivid sensory people sometimes experience during the on-off state of sleep paralysis is called "hypnagogic" and "hypnopompic" hallucinations. They involve the sounds of footsteps, seeing/hearing/sensing and intruder or strange entity in one's room, or experiencing levitation. According to some sleep paralysis victims and experiencers, themselves have reported feeling someone on their chest strangling them leaving them gasping for air. Some people have learned to deal and control the monsters their minds come up with. Some people have gotten so used to it that they "just don't care anymore" and ignore any panic or figures that seem to appear during their sleep paralysis. It is believed in some cultures that the demonic figures and shadow people come during lucid dreaming to inhabit the dreamers body because lucid dreaming is an out of body experience.

Lucid Nightmares and Being Trapped

Lucid nightmares involve demonic characters and figures that inflict harm on the dreamer as they struggle to wake up from their lucid dreams. Lucid nightmares are different from sleep paralysis because you are still asleep and in the dream state but cannot get out of the dream state. Sleep paralysis is when your mind is awake but your body is not, so you are physically frozen as your mind is racing. The amazing thing about lucid dreams is that you have a sense of consciousness and identity while dreaming. The lucid dreamer has the abilities to make something up with their minds that you could never/could never see in waking life. Actions initiated by dream characters can cause everything from orgasms in the dreamer to near-death experiences in the dreamer. For example, there are testimonies on record of a made up dream character was shooting the dreamer, and they woke up with a heart attack.