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April 10, 2014

MISD Summer 2014 Technology Options

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Apps to be used for this Training.


Chirp is an iOS app. Chirp is a magical new way to share your stuff – using sound. Chirp 'sings' information from one iPhone to another. Share photos, links, notes and more: all from your built-in iPhone speaker. What will you chirp?

Chirp Tutorial

Ideas to utilize the Chirp app:

  • Send out an image so that all students can participate in the activity together and at the same time.
  • Send out a Google Form link for student to take a quiz or survey.
  • Send out text instructions so that students can refer to directions frequently with out asking.
  • Send out a link to a website that student need to access to quickly.

Padlet This web tool allows you to communicate and share information, images and links quickly via the web from an iPad or a computer.

We give you a blank wall.
You put anything you want on it, anywhere.
Simple, yet powerful.

Tutorial Video

Sample Padlets:

Padlet Resource

Blog post on Padlet

You might want to add these girls to your PLN (personal learning network).


Educreations is a web tool and an iOS app. Educreations is a new iPad app that turns your iPad into a whiteboard. You can use the app to illustrate concepts and narrate what you're doing on the screen. You can draw images from scratch on the Educreations iPad app or you can upload images and draw on them. You do need to create an account with this app but with this app you have the option to create student accounts or allow students to use one class account.

Tutorial Video #1 overview, setting up slides and importing images

Tutorial Video #2 recording presentations, saving, deleting, & embedding


Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a web tool and an iOS app. This tool is a new spin on PowerPoint with beautiful graphics that are easily searched within the app, and includes access to over 35 million free images and six free themes. It also include the ability to add charts that you can customize right on the page. If you create an account with this app, you have the option to create student accounts or allow students to use one class account.

Tutorial Video #1 editing text and adding image
Tutorial Video #2 adding slides and creating/editing charts
Tutorial Video #3 change the theme, upload and share
Tutorial Video #4 embedding presentations into Blogs and Wikis
Tutorial Video #5 slide order and using the notes feature

See examples below...

Comic Maker HD

Comic Maker HD is an iOS app for creating comic strips. You can design your own comic easily and quickly with various layouts, characters and much more...

Tutorial Videos

See examples below...