Comets and Astroids



Astroids are small, airless rocky worlds revolving around the Sun that are too small small to be called planets

What is a Near-Earth Asteroid?

Near Earth Asteroids are asteroids whose orbits are close to Earths orbits.

Chesapeake Bay Crater

-estimated 35million years ago

-this was located in Virginia, United States


-this caused breakage in ground water

-ground faulting

-caused disruption in coastal directions. This means their water systems flowed in the opposite directions than they did before.

This article is about an asteroid that nearly hit earth.

This passed about 14,000 km from Earths surface on November 6th around 16:30 EST.

The publisher of this article is NASA/JPL Near-Earth Object Program Office

This was the third closest known (non-impacting) approach on record.

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and speed Administration

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This is known as the Chicxclub asteroid

This was taken in the solar system surrounded by Earth, Mars and Jupiter