What's Happening in Mitchell PACE

Volume 1

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Room F101

1st grade

We've read Chameleon’s Colors by Chisato Tashiro and Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. Students discussed the feelings of the main character and then created a list of reasons to be happy about themselves. They've created a work of art with a description of how they are like their chameleon. We will be sharing soon. The students have also earned 50 points, so they get free time on 9/23!

2nd grade

Students are analyzing idioms and defining their literal and actual meaning They have read an assortment of Amelia Bedelia books and played some idiom games. Each student is going to pick his or her favorite 3-5 idioms and create a presentation to share.

3rd grade

Who dunnit? Students are becoming exposed to syllogistic and deductive reasoning strategies while solving the Chocolate Caper mystery. They will be using logic grids to organize, analyze, and interpret data, as well as form generalizations based on valid assumptions. Students will also synthesize data to determine an appropriate outcome.

4th grade

Students are becoming familiar with terms related to architecture and are taking part in demonstrations and experiments related to architectural concepts such as forces, loads, shapes, and materials. They will also be experimenting with certain structures such as domes, columns, skyscrapers, and bridges. They will also create an architectural project/product on a topic of their choice.

5th grade

We have begun our law unit. Students will understand the reason for the Bill of Rights and the structure and rationale for the U.S. Constitution. They will also be learning about the court system, as well as become familiar with the 1st and 4th amendments to the U.S. Constitution. They will review cases, both fictional and factual, that relate to the amendments, justify opposing points of view, identify facts, interpret documents, etc.

Mark Your Calendar

Parent Conference Day: Monday, October 12, 2015 - Although I am not formally scheduling conferences for all my students on October 12, please feel free to stop by for a moment. Understand that if you ever have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call or email me. Communication is a two-way process, and I hope you will feel free to contact me whenever you deem it necessary. My goal is to help each of my students come closer to achieving their potential as well as to excite them with new learning challenges and experiences.