Instructional Technology Class

What will my child learn this year?

Who is my child's Technology Teacher?

Hello, my name is Danielle Harris. I have been teaching at Bryant Woods Elementary(BWES) for 13 years. During my tenure at BWES, I served as a 3rd Grade and 4th grade teacher, 4th grade Team Leader and Title I teacher. This is my 7th year teaching Technology. Currently, I serve as Related Arts Team Leader. I look forward to working with child this year!

Each class will meet with me once a week for 60 minutes. Please ask your child or your child's teacher for the exact time and date.

What Are the Goals of the Technology Program?

Educational Technology program goals are:

  • Every teacher will have the skills to identify and integrate appropriate technology in their instruction.
  • Every school will implement a technology component as part of their school improvement plan.
  • All content areas will identify and integrate appropriate technology in their curriculum to ensure alignment with state standards.
  • Every teacher will have the skills to utilize technology as a teacher productivity tool.

What Will My Child Learn?

Students at BWES will be exposed to a wealth of Technology such as MacBook laptops, digital cameras, Flip cameras and in grades 2, 3 and 5 our STEM program.

With the use of technology, your child will:

* discuss how to be a good digital citizen.

*understand technology and technology systems.

*collaborate with others.

*express ideas using a variety of formats and applications.

*learn how to evaluate, organize. locate and gather information.

*develop strategies to solve problems.