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Notes and Other Stuff from the North Mianus Media Center

The Welcome Back Edition...August 2013

Apps to Checkout

Three apps I discovered recently look like they have great potential. One issue we'll have to talk about is how best to manage them on the iPad.

Trading Cards is from readwritethink. It has tremendous potential for multiple subject areas. It's exactly what it sounds like - kids can create trading cards for a fictional character, a real person, a fictional place, a real place, an object, an event or for vocabulary words. See below for an two examples.

Word Mover is also from readwritethink. It's a virtual word bank. Are students having trouble getting a story going? Writing a poem? This is a brainstorming app that provides hundreds of words plus the kids can add their own. It looks like a terrific stepping off point for budding writers. See below for an example.

Tellagami is an animation app - the kids choose their avatar, make modifications to dress, hair, skin, and eye color, choose a background and then have thirty seconds (or 400 hundred characters) to explain or describe or answer a question or create a short story. See below for an example.

Both Trading Cards and Word Mover allow for the set-up of individual user names; unfortunately no passwords are involved so kids will have access to other student work. I will be talking to Freya and the tech team about how best to manage these apps.

This and That

Need Books? Destiny, our online catalog, can be found here:; it's also a great place to find child friendly websites; stop on by and we'll give you a quick tour.

Computers: Please contact Freya with any computer or SmartBoard issues. Feel free to copy me on emails or call me if Freya is otherwise engaged. Some issues are easier to fix than others. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Laminating: We are happy to report that Mrs. Anderson will be volunteering one day a week to help with laminating. We will let you know specific day and time shortly. Leading up to the first day of school Sue will run the laminator once a day. Please get your stuff in early.

Need SEL Books? Sue has updated the SEL Resource list in Destiny; to find it click on CATALOG then RESOURCE LISTS and then NM NORMS.

iPad Cart: Thanks to the PTA we are proud owners of an iPad cart; we are awaiting word from the Havemeyer Tech Team on how to get them up and in the classrooms. More info to follow.

Staff Issued iPads: Please stop by the Media Center to renew your iPad.

North Mianus Wiki: I try and update the North Mianus wiki regularly. It is a collaborative tool so anyone who is a member can contribute. You can find the wiki here:

Classroom Wikis? If you are interested in setting up a classroom wiki to foster collaboration among students please let me know and I will gladly help you.

Book Recommendation

The last couple of years we have mentioned a few fiction books that deal with kids with special needs: Out of My Mind and Rules come immediately to mind. I just read a biography of Temple Grandin by Sy Montgomery, Temple Grandin: How the Girl Who Loved Cows Embraced Autism and Changed the World. It is an amazing story of perseverance. Grandin earned a Ph.d and is the world's foremost expert on how keeping livestock calm and happy. She's also published multiple books. We have a copy of it in the Media Center. I can't recommend it enough.