Weekly Update

Shields Middle School

Week of March 6, 2023

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Rock the Block!

Shields Middle School Instructional Priorities 2022-23

Teachers will provide appropriate grade-level text and student-centered assignments through small group instruction and frequent checks for understanding.​

Shields Middle School Vision Statement

The SHIELDS way, every day.








In this issue:

  • Week ahead calendar
  • ELP Information
  • Black History Month Calendar
  • Upcoming Events
  • Report card information
  • Winter dance information
  • District Updates
  • Here comes the bus app
  • Community Information
  • Counselors' Corner
  • Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Information
  • Dismissal Reminders
  • Attendance Information
  • Tardy Policy
  • Dress Code Policy
  • Boys and Girls Club Registration - Only PM spots available
  • Online Tutoring Programs
  • Athletic Information - Soccer schedule
  • Title 1 Information
  • Lunch Room Reminders
  • Canvas
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • SAC Committee Information
  • PTSA Information
  • Contact us

The week ahead

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Extended Learning Program (ELP)

The Extended Learning Program (ELP) will begin this week and continue through the end of April. Information is included below:

  • Available time slots are after school, Tuesday - Friday, from 3:30 until the student's bus arrives or 5:00 pm (for parent pick-up time)
  • Saturday Academies will also be offered from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Grade Enhancement is offered for students who need to recover a previous 9 week grade in order to pass their current grade level.
  • Tutoring session will be available for students who would like additional help to improve their current grade in all core subjects.
  • Accelerated learning opportunities are also available for students that would like to take their current learning to the next level.

District Updates

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Community Information

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Contact Your Guidance Counselors

Mr. Smith (shawn.smith2@hcps.net) - 6th Grade Counselor

Ms. Ambers (twila.ambers@hcps.net) - 7th Grade Counselor

Ms. Brown-Joseph (mary.brown-joseph@hcps.net) - 8th Grade Counselor

Ms. Temperino (lanny.temperino@hcps.net) - English Language Learners Counselor

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The Family & Community Engagement (FACE) Department is excited to share some of the following resources designed to support ALL families!

The information includes several resources including website resources and the Hillsborough County Public Schools, FACE Resource Guide, which outlines initiatives to support school-based family engagement and more.

FACE Resource Guide (See attached)

FACE Website Resources (See link below)

The HCPS FACE Department also offers a variety of yearlong resources for educators, families and community partners.

This month’s feature is “THE FATHER FACTOR” – Engaging our fathers and male care givers!

Link: Family & Community Engagement (FACE) / Overview (hillsboroughschools.org)

Power Hour – You Tube Channel

Previously recorded videos can be accessed via the FACE YouTube Channel (See link below)


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Attendance MATTERS Every Period Every Day!

REMINDER: Attendance Matters Every Period Every Day. We cannot educate our students at an optimal level if they are not present and/or late to school.

Absences shall be reported to the school attendance office by the parent/legal guardian on the day the absence occurred. The number to be called to report an absence on the day of the absences is 813-672-5338 option 1.

Tardiness to Class: A student is tardy when the student arrives after the beginning of the school day or when he/she is not in his/her assigned seat or station when the tardy bell rings. A student’s tardiness shall be excused when the reason given is acceptable to the principal or designee. Examples of acceptable reasons for tardiness are the same as the examples of acceptable reasons for excused absences.

Sign-in Procedures: Any student arriving to school after the session has begun at 8:40 must report to the Main Office or Office of Student Affairs. An admit shall be issued indicating excused or unexcused tardy or absence. For the student to receive an excused sign-in, a parent or guardian must accompany the student to the Main Office and give an excusable reason. More than two sign-ins in a grading period shall require medical or other documentation. Students will not be allowed to sign out later than 3:00 pm. Please understand that students are close to dismissal and sign-out at these times disrupt the learning and dismissal process.

After the tardy bell rings students will report to the Tardy Room (6th grade – Room 604; 7th/8th grade – Room 702)
  • Tardy 1 – 4 : Verbal warning, Parentlink call home​

  • Tardy 5: Tardy letter, Parentlink call home​

  • Tardy 6: After-school detention​

  • Tardy 7: 2 – After-school detentions or Saturday detention​

  • Tardy 8: Considered insubordination and disobedience​

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Shields Middle School will no longer enforce a mandatory uniform policy. Shields will follow the guidelines established in the Hillsborough County Student Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct states the following:

The dress and grooming of students shall be that which contributes to the health and safety of the individual and which is non-disruptive of the educational activities and processes of a school. The definition of appropriate dress shall vary with the age of the student, the program of instruction, and the heating/cooling system of the building.

When a student is out of dress code the following steps will be taken:

  • Student will be given the opportunity to correct the issue or they will be sent to ISS, and their parent will be contacted​

  • Students that display a pattern of having dress code issues will be referred to the Student Affairs Office for interventions. ​

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Paper 24/7 Tutoring for Shields students

Help is Here. Anytime. Anywhere.

Hillsborough students grade 6-12 have unlimited, on-demand access to free academic support through Paper. Need someone to talk through a particularly tough math problem? A Paper Tutor will be there to assist students within seconds. Need someone to read an essay and make suggestions on how you can improve it before submitting? A Paper Tutor will be there to assist students.

No matter what a student's academic needs are, Paper’s expert learning assistants are available to help 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Just log in and ask a question! Students can login through Clever by clicking on the Paper icon.

Unlimited, Expert Support for Students, No Costs for Families.

Paper is a free resource for all Hillsborough students grades 6-12. Any student can connect and speak with a tutor for 30 minutes or 6 hours. Their usage will never be capped and families will not have to pay a cent for seeking assistance.

When working with a Paper Tutor, students should not expect to receive answers. Instead, their tutor will ask them guiding questions to get students thinking critically about what they know, what they’ve tried, where any misunderstandings are, and how to move forward.

Try It Now or RSVP

To speak to a tutor immediately, students can login to their Clever accounts and click the Paper icon.

To learn more about how Paper works, parents and guardians can sign up for Q&A sessions in English and Spanish and speak with a member of the Paper team directly. Should you have any immediate questions, feel free to reach out to parents@paper.com.

https://youtu.be/WT1wB26qb9k (informational video link)

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Athletic Reminder

Flag football practice begins on Tuesday, March 7th at 4:00. All students must have a sports physical completed and turned in by practice in order to participate. For information regarding requirements that must be completed in order to participate in an athletic event please visit our athletic resource webpage at Athletics Packet (hillsboroughschools.org)
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Football Information

First day of practice: Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

Girls play first followed by boys

Lennard location means Shields is the host

Students must be eligible from semester 1 grades

Weekly conduct grades conducted. F’s in conduct will be benched for that week’s game.

Coach: Girls-Coach Van Rivers, Boys-Mr. Faldetta

Game Manager: Mr. Hidalgo

AP over athletics: Jamie Mille

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Lunchroom Reminders

All students receive free breakfast and lunch DAILY.

  • Our lunchroom is currently short-staffed, however additional staff have been hired and will begin serving student lunches soon.
  • Students are given the opportunity to get a breakfast or lunch each day.
  • Serving times are running a little longer.
  • Students are given time to eat once they receive their lunch and will be given a late pass if needed.
  • Please feel free to contact your student's administrator (emails listed below in the newsletter) with any questions or concerns.
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HCPS will continue to use Canvas as a learning and communication tool in 22/23. The ATTACHMENTS BELOW provides parents and guardians with helpful information for using Canvas to support and monitor student academic progress.
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What is SAC?

The mission of the school advisory council (SAC) is to provide parents, community members, students, faculty and staff with an opportunity to participate in the development of educational priorities, to assess school needs, and to identify local resources that could support the school's goals, mission, and educational priorities.

The functions of the School Advisory Council are:

  • To assist in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan
  • To participate in planning and monitoring of school buildings and grounds
  • To initiate activities or programs that generate greater cooperation between the community and the school
  • To assist in the development of educational goals and objectives
  • To recommend various support services in the school
  • To perform other functions as requested by the principal
Meeting Dates

Meetings will take place on the 1st Thursday of each month in the Main Campus Media Center from 8:00 - 9:00 am.

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Interested in joining the PTSA?

Please complete the form below:


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We would like to thank all of our parents and students for an amazing opening of the 2022-23 school year! This week we will begin enforcing the expectations and procedures for tardies, as well as dress code.

You can contact an administrator at 813-672-5338 or by emailing them (email address listed below):

Ms. Fisher (deanna.fisher@hcps.net) - Principal, Oversees Shields Middle School and Sailfish Academy (6th grade)

Ms. Romando (jessica.romando@hcps.net) - Assistant Principal, 8th Grade students, Oversees curriculum, instructional faculty, COVID protocols, and assessment administration.

Ms. Miller ( jamie.miller@hcps.net) - Assistant Principal, 7th grade students, Oversees athletics, facilities, clubs, instructional support faculty, transportation, debt List, and field trips.

Mr. Peacock (michael.peacock@hcps.net ) - Assistant Principal, 6th Grade students (Last names K-Z), School Communication Liaison, Oversees school counseling department, Canvas liaison, RTI/MTSS supports, and new teacher resources/supports.

Ms. Ramos (dietrich.ramos@hcps.net) - Assistant Principal, 6th Grade students (Last names: A-J), Oversees curriculum, instructional faculty and assessment administration.