Were not in Kansas anymore

John Brown Extreme abolisinist goes on rampage

Kansas-Nebraska Act

During the summer of 1854, people throughout the north held meeting to protest the Kansas Nebraska Act. During this A group of northeners launched a new political party, called the Republicans. This parties main goal was to stopping slave power. They also demanded to repeal the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the Fugitive Slave Act.

Violence Erupts!! A group of abolisinist sent a group of 1,200 New Englanders to Kansas to fight for slavery. While this is all happening settelers from Missouri cross into Kansas to vote Illegally in Terrirotial Elections.

"Bleeding Kansas" Who was John Brown? John Brown was a man who belived that he was God's chosen instrument to end Slavery. So on May 24, Brown led serveral New Englanders to a proslavery settlement near Pottawatomie Creek. This event sparked. Summer of Murderous Raids and Counter Raids throughout Kansas.

"Bleeding Summer" May 22, 1856 the violence spread all the way to the capital. Senetor Charles Summer gave a speech called the "The Crimes Against Kansas." In this speech Summer's made big insults on Senator Andrew Butler. Preston Brooks did not respond with this speech so well. Going up to Senetor Summers and beating him with his cane. After he beat him, a citizen gave him a cane engraved with saying "Beat, him again."

Eye-Witness Encounter

Hi I'm here with a eye witness encouter to explain the brutal situcation of everything that has been going on.

" Yea, I just saw everyone having a good time and i turned my eye. I saw someone beating someone with a cane! It turned into Caos. People beating other people, blood, and riots. It was crazy one of the worst possable thing could happen. Then i heard after he beat him with his cane, someone gave him another one with the words "Beat him again"