A Cultural Pilgrimage

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Dates:Oct 26th - Nov 2nd

Mode of Transportation: Airfare

Cost Of Transportation: $1,778 : Included 6 night at Best Western Blue Tower Hotel and round trip

Mode of Transportation at Destination: taxi from airport to hotel $50. Bicycle, walking, and bus

Cost: for bus $3.70 per hour taxi from airport to hotel $50.

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Budget Breakfast: $4-$9

Lunch: $4- $12

Dinner: $7 - $14

Average of $25 daily

Sights to see

Anne Frank House

Cost: $6.25

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Van Gogh museum

Cost: $19.44

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Dam Square

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Canal Cruise

Cost: $10.42 /hour

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Miscellaneous Cost : $300

Total Cost: $2,228