SFX Library News

Week of October 12, 2015

Each week I will create this newsletter to help parents and teachers discover what goes on when students visit the school library at St. Francis Xavier, Wilmette.

Grade Level Break Down for the Week

Preschool-no visits this week due to Columbus Day

Kindergarten-We explored non-fiction and stories about squirrels.

1st Grade-Students came with their reading groups and their teachers to help them choose books that are just right for them.

2nd grade-Using the book The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak as our launching point, the students created their own silly sentences.

3rd/4th grade-Using the award-winning book The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, I showed the students the 10 minute animated video made of the book and they completed an exercise on characterization and talked about what character traits Phillipe Petit exhibited when he walked between The World Trade Center buildings.

5th grade-I booktalked many titles to the students and they cast their ballot to choose the books that we would use for our lunchtime book discussion Book Cafe.

6th grade-We continued to work on assisting the students in finding resources for their science research papers. We utilized many of the great online resources available from The Wilmette Public Library.

7th/8th grade-Mrs. Pritchard and I are enjoying using technology with these students during their time in the library. The 7th graders created IMovie book trailers for their favorite books and 8th graders used Book Creator app to start making books for their Kindergarten buddies.

New books added this week