By Annelise Hardman 8 Rubio

Guest List

  • Mum (Clare)
  • Brother (Cahill)
  • Nan (Maddie)
  • Pop (Jack)
  • Aunty (Cindi)
  • Uncle (Billy)
  • Cousin (Annabella)
  • Cousin (Hugh)
  • Great Nan (Leslie)
  • Uncle (Tony)
  • Aunty (Kirsty)
  • Cousin (Nicholas)
  • Cousin (Lachie)
  • Cousin (Tori)


The activities include:

  • Pulling of the Bon-Bons
  • Talking
  • Exchange of Presents
  • Eat
  • Read out our jokes from bon-bons

Why was the event was special to you?

This event was special to me because it is a time where all my family can be in the one place at the same time also it is a time to celebrate what we have achieved over the years it is also special because we can have a laugh and enjoy being a family.

Traditions Followed

Our tradition is to wait for dad to get home from work before we can open presents and also my mum takes me to look at the lights around the streets.


Every Christmas my pop dress's up as santa and when we are eating comes up behind us and scare us I think it is hilarious and gives us a good laugh plus every year my mum, my brother and I stay at my hans until tea so we have lunch and dinner there because different parts of the family come for either lunch or tea. Also plus a week or two we do a chris cringle we my friends and my mums friends we all get to gather and pull names out and then we have to buy for those 2 kids
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