HES Staff News

Week of August 24, 2020

Hempstead Elementary Beliefs

"Building Learners " in 2020

Vision: We create a world of learning built on a foundation of care and respect that unifies parents, students, teachers and community as one.

Mission: Learn, Care, Respect

Motto: One Town, One Team, One Goal

Shout Outs!

  • Thank you Ms. Scogin for delivering the PPE supplies
  • Schedule pick-ups was a smooth process thanks to Hazel, Smith, Counselor Smith, APs, Ballard, Bennett and Longoria
  • Staff, thank you for being so flexible and understanding with SO MANY changes
  • Instructional Assistants, thank you for the bulletin boards, stuffing envelopes, copies, safety paws etc.

No PLCs this week!

Use this time to view your MAP videos that Ms.Hill sent

The Foundation is Complete!

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Google Classroom First Week

  • Create a welcome video
  • Call and invite students to join your Google Classroom (document who has joined and who you've called. I will give you a list of phone numbers and each student's ID#)
  • Share helpful link https://hempsteadisd.org/index.php?pageID=280939_2
  • Review expectations and syllabus for your Google Classroom with students
  • Assign students a "Get to Know Me" assignment. I suggest you give them specific questions to answer. You can be as creative as you want using resources from UTEACH PD
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Big picture

Student Arrival Preparation...

  • Hand Sanitizer station is ready to go (place rubber band around the pump to allow students to pump once to sanitize their hands)
  • NO VISITORS on campus
  • Teachers report to work at 6:45
  • Pick up breakfast coolers when you arrive
  • Check for student's name on rosters before entering the classroom. If their name is not on the roster they need to report to the cafeteria. Many students did not pick up their lanyard or they are enrolling later, so please check rosters first
  • Wait for further directions during announcements

Students can keep up with their mask, using this technique.