Arai RX-7X

What Makes Arai RX-7X the Very Best?

There is no shortage of fine helmets on the market today but one that every motorcyclist should wear is the Arai RX-7X. Why? The RX7 is the safest thing on sale today.

The shell

The RX7 shell is what Arai loves to refer to as the structural net complex. According to Arai, the “superfiber” used to make the shell is 40% stronger that the ordinary glass fibers. The aerospace “superfibers” and sets it world apart from the glass fiber shells common with the old helmets while it still enjoys some of the benefits of a resin and glass fiber design. The shell is designed to be sacrificial in case of an accident. Should you meet an accident, the shell is designed to self-destruct upon impact and thus reducing the impact on the inner part of the shell.

Another feature that make Arai RX-7X is the fact that the shell as varying thickness in different areas. This means that the shell parts that are unlikely to suffer impact such as the parts adjacent to the ears have thin layers while the front and the rear areas are thicker.

The lighter a helmet is, the safer it will be. Having a heavy helmet waving around on the end of your neck is undesirable. In terms of safety, and with the riders fatigue in mind, then light is good. There are numerous good and sage shells on the market today but the RX7 is the best you can get.

Big image

Ironically, contrary to what most people think, the actual life saver in any helmet is the inner polystyrene liner and not the outer shell. This liner is responsible for absorbing the force generated from an impact. In so doing, the risks posed to the brains going through the skulls are drastically minimized. If you think about it, this is a gruesome experience and which is why it is dumb for anyone to ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

The Arai RX-7X features a triple density for the inner shell. Again, this is designed to give riders maximum protect against impact related injuries. Within the polystyrene liner is a foam padding. Technically speaking, the foam if not part of the safety structure. A great helmet should be completely unobtrusive and should not impinge the rider’s concentration at all.

With the Arai RX-7X helmets, comfort goes to a whole new level. Riders should always ensure they get a firm fit. In fact, wearing the Arai RX-7X will feel like having a second skin. Regardless of how long you have worn the helmet, the Arai RX-7X causes no distraction.