By: R J Palacio


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Book Summary

This boy named August Pullman has always been home-schooled because he has Mandibulofacial Dysostosis and he is afraid of being bullied about it. He decides to go to a real school called Beecher Prep. On his first day of Beecher Prep, Mr.Tushman ( The Principal) has Jack, Julian and Charlotte show August around the school a little bit. August has bangs that hide his face because he doesn’t want people to see his face. After a little bit people get used to August’s face. Jack had gotten suspended because he had punched Julian in the face because Julian was making fun of August. Jack had come back to Beecher Prep just in time for the school nature retreat. The nature retreat wasn’t as good as August thought it would be. After that, everyone returned to school and everything was fine after that. Then, Julian got suspended for leaving cruel notes to August. Everything was fine after that and everything went back to normal.

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