Social-Emotional developement

Birth-age 2


-temperament alludes to the quality and potency.

-passivity, irritability, and activity is partially child's temperament.

-passivity shows how a child is involved with surroundings.

-irritability or tendency to feel distressed.

-activity patterns shows how infants move.


-Infants become attached early in life.

-Attachment is a strong development .

several early attachment behaviors are shown by infants.

-crying and clinging are attachment behaviors.

-separation anxiety happens at 6 moths.

-by 15 months, anxiety becomes worse.

12 to 24 months

12 to 24 months

-Babies still show separation anxiety.

-Babies start to show anxiety.

-Children can feel unsure.

-Start taking interest in other children.

-They don't interact much with others.

-They like to play next to others.

-Self awareness

-Some can be stubborn.