A Christmas Carol

The play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is an awesome play where a stubborn main character, Scrooge deals with three ghost which are the pass, present, and future of Christmas, and the play has awesome sound effects, details, emotions and many more! The play enforces more sound effects, dramatic, and emotions from the character to us. For instance when Marley came out the sounds came booming in. In addition the play gives specific details. For example when Scrooge is introduced to his future there are short spots where they stop and think about that part, instead of just passing through the part. Lastly the play is more intruding to the audience. For an instance when a ghost arrived they had a cool entrance, like the ghost of Christmas present came out from the zip line making everyone surprised. In conclusion the play A Christmas Carol was intruding, had awesome sound effects, emotions, and great specific details. That is why I recommend the play A Christmas Carol.