May's Newsletter

Mrs. Smith 2nd Grade 2015-2016

A Message from Mrs. Smith...

Dear Parents,

I can't believe there are 4 weeks left of school! We still have a busy month ahead of us with various projects to complete. Today, we went on our field trip to the Marriott Theatre to see Cinderella...After the Ball. It was a great performance and the children enjoyed seeing the actors, costumes, lighting, and hearing the sound effects. I highly recommend checking out other performances at the Marriott Theatre. The children were able to listen to questions some of the audience members asked after the performance. It was neat listening to the actors answers about how they prepare for a performance. Be sure to ask your child their thoughts about the musical. I hope your child enjoyed the performance as much as I did!

I wanted to send a friendly reminder about school pictures. Please return the package of pictures if you are not planning to buy any photos. If you do plan to purchase only some of the photos, please keep those photos and return the ones you do not want to buy with the money for the photos you kept.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day!



Please remember to read every night for 20 minutes!


Students have been reviewing all the math skills we have learned throughout the school year during our math warm-ups. We learned how to determine if a number is even or odd based on when we look at the ones place value and also if the number can be put into equal groups. Students have also been learning about geometric shapes and how to partition a shape into equal groups. In addition, we learned how many sides and angles make up a shape.

During May, we will be focusing on telling time using an analog and digital clock. Please remember to have your child use IXL at home to practice all the math skills we have learned this school year!


Students have been learning how to determine if the author's purpose is to entertain, inform, or persuade based on the type of book we have read in our small groups. In addition, we have focused on the main idea of our texts. We discussed that often times the main idea is located in the first or last sentence of a paragraph and the rest of the sentences are the details to support the main idea.

We will be focusing on informational text during science as we learn about the butterfly's life cycle and other animals life cycles.


We had a blast writing different types of poems during the month of April. They worked very hard on creating their own poems and at times with a partner. I hope you enjoyed reading through their poetry books.

During May, we are going to be working on a research project. The students will be writing about an animals life cycle with a partner. They will share the responsibility of creating text features, researching on the Internet, and publishing a report. Each student will get their own report to take home.


Students learned about bus and playground safety and proper equipment to wear while skateboarding, rollerblading, and riding a bike. In our class discussions, we decided that the most equipment to have is a helmet to protect our brain.

We also discussed the functions of our body parts and how to take care of our bodies through exercise and nutrition. It was an eye opener for the kids to learn about nutritional fact labels. The students are able to identify what is considered healthy and unhealthy food options. We used many of the food items they eat for lunch to see if we are making healthy choices.