Descriptions Of Our Washes


The best washes and details in DFW!

Basic Wash

Hand wash with specialized foaming cleaning agent designed to clean your car without removing the existing layers of protection already on your car’s paint.

Hand wash of tires and rims.

Hand dry with microfiber towels while simultaneously using a hydrating spray wax to eliminate the scratches commonly caused by drying your car incorrectly.

Full vacuum of interior including all carpets and mats.

The full cleaning of all mirrors and windows.

Cleaning of insides of doors commonly left dirty i.e. hinges in doors

Vacuum and wipe down of of seats, dash, center console, and steering wheel.

Basic Detail

Include everything in the wash package as well as

Advanced tire and rim cleaning and shining with products designed to keep dirt and brake dust from sticking to these surfaces as well as hydrating your tires and protecting your rims along with the application of products meant to make them shine and look better than ever before.

Cleaning of the wheel wells to remove all dirt and mud.

Extensive cleaning of interior including leather conditioners and the use of compressed air to remove dirt and grime from places normally unreachable.

A protectant hand applied to your car to add a sort of shell to your already existing clear coat protecting your paint from small scratches, sunlight, dirt and grime.

A spray wax designed to protect your car as well as making it shine and look fantastic in any light hiding many of the small scratches obtained by washing cars incorrectly or just day to day usage.

Full Detail or Like New Package

Includes everything in other 2 packages as well as

Hand clay bar treatment to remove all imperfections stuck in your paint and the step before applying hand wax treatment.

Following the clay bar treatment is the hand application of a carnauba wax to not only protect your paint but give it the coveted wet look only attainable through a hand wax.

Full exterior and interior inspection to find and then clean even the minutest areas of your car getting in the areas that you didn’t even know were dirty.

Shampooing of all matts and carpeted surfaces.

Extensive cleaning of engine bay.