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We are committed to our research into nanotechnology and nanomedicine and what it can do to fight cancer. At the moment 1 in 4 deaths in the developed world can be attributed to cancer, after cardiac arrest it is the second biggest killer.

ESNano Technology Development Limited is using nanotechnology to develop groundbreaking technologies and medicine to provide advances in the following areas:

• Medical Imaging

• Drug Delivery

• Cancer Therapy



Essentially NanoMedicine is the application of nanotechnology in the medical field. NanoMedicine is used to describe the highly specific use of structures on the nano-scale in the treatment of diseases right down to the molecular level. NanoMedicine is also used in diagnostic procedures and can be found in a variety of modern imaging techniques used to diagnose and to provide prognosis of a patient.

Here at ESNano Technology Development Limited we are working with researchers on developing some very exciting new techniques, which are designed to take advantage of the latest research coming out of nanotechnology today. Technologies that are being used to design new methods to treat a plethora of disorders. At this time the biggest and most exciting area is the research being carried out into specific drug delivery systems ones where we are looking to targeted drug delivery.