Vacation to Jamaica

Jamaica's Climate

Jamaica has a tropical maritime climate.Jamaica's rainy season occurs in May and October.Jamaica's Hurrican season lasts June-November

Jamaicas History

The early in habitants were the Arawak indians.the Arawaks were decimated by European diseases.The Spanish occupied the islandtill 1655.Slavery there was abolished in 1838.In 1860 the island became a British Crown Colony.A new constitution in 1944 freed itself from the British.The island gained full independence in 1962.

Jamaicas Goverment

In 1970 ManleysSon made up a social-democrat country.Elections in 1989 brought the social-democret to power.Percial James Patterson came to Power in 1992.In 2006 hes was replaced by Portia Simpson Miller Jamaica's first female prime minister.

Jamaica's Economy

Tourism is a key element in Jamaica's economy.Bauxite is a major export.Agriculture employs about 17% of Jamaica's population.

Vacation Plan

Day1 Day2 Day3

Travel there Brunch eggs and sausege Breakfast Fruit Loops

Activitie Chukka Zipline Activitie Chukka Horseback ride Lunch Ham sandwich

Dinner Ham sandwich Dinner Ham and Rice Activitie Swim with the Dolphins

Dinner Ham burgers

Day4 Day5

Breakfast Fruit Loops Breakfast Sausege and eggs

Activitie Beach Lunch Sauseges and rice with veggies

Lunch Grilled Ham and cheese Activitie Bob Marley Adventure Tour

Activitie Beach Dinner Ham Sandwiches

Dinner Ham and Hamburgers

Day6 Day7

Breakfast Sausage and Bacon Travel Home

Lunch Grilled ham and cheese

Activitie Green Grotto Caves

Dinner Hamburgers with rice and veggies

Travel $2,065.02

Lodging $1,476

Meals/Snacks $95.46

Activities $1,045.00

Shopping $2,318.52