World Cultures

Mrs. Wartel 6th Grade

Classroom expectations

  • Line up at lockers outside of class.
  • Enter class quickly and quietly.
  • Get out Binder, Agenda, and Homework.
  • Place Backpacks on the counter in the back.
  • Sit in assigned seat.
  • Get started on Bell RInger immediately.
  • Write in Agenda everyday.
  • Keep important papers in binder.
  • Be respectful of the cultures we are learning about.
  • Don't talk while the teacher is talking.
  • No phones or food in the classroom.
  • Work together to collaborate.
  • Try your best!
  • Raise your hand for help or to share out.
  • Do your Shape Duty.
  • Wait to be dismissed by the Teacher.
  • Do homework and turn it in on time.

So far we have learned about...

Classroom Rules and Expectations

12 Keys of Culture


Keys of Culture

Appearance - The way someone or something looks

Belief System - A common acceptance that something is true or exists

Communication - How you make connections with people (the way you talk to them)

Dates - Occurrences an records of time

Entertainment - Something you do for fun or amusement

Food - Things you do or do not consume

Government - The way rules are made

Homes - Where people live

Information - facts and how you get them

Jobs - Tasks people do and why they do them

Environment - The area that surrounds you

Other (left overs) - Things that don't fit perfectly in the other categories.