Trailblazer Times

May 16-20, 2016


May 16: Spring Conferences for K1/K2/1A/1B/3C

***THE BOOKS ARE NOT IN YET...WE WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN WE WILL HAVE THE ROLL OUT May 16: School Meeting in Gym @ 8:15 to roll out 2016 "One School, One Book"

May 17: Spring Conferences for 2A/2B/5A/5B/1C

May 17: CISD Luncheon to Honor Retirees 11:00-1:00pm

May 18: Spring Conferences for 5D/5E/1D/1E/4C

***IF RAINING THIS MORNING...IT WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE END OF FIELD DAY...May 18: DCE Dash Finals!! 8:30am @ the North Track...All grade welcome to come out and watch!!

May 18: After School Drama Play: 2:00pm in Cafeteria...all are welcome to come

May 19: Kinder Animal Habitat Parade @ 8:15am along the main hallway

May 19: SRO Appreciation Day....please turn in any cards to Shannon's box by the 18th if your kids make

May 20: Field Day!! Everyone start doing your "NO Rain Dance"!!!

May 20: Volunteer Appreciation Lounge During Field Day in DCE Library


May 23: 170th Day of School!! Dress in 70's wear or Tropical!!

May 23: Spring Conferences for 4A/4B/3A/3B

May 23: Faculty Meeting @ 3:15pm in Library

May 23: School Board Appreciation for David Apple and Suzie Kemp @ Admin 4:00 to 6:00pm

May 24: Spring Conferences for 5C/3D/3E/2C/2D

May 24: 1st Grade Walking to Kid Kountry

May 24: Team Leader Meeting @ 3:15pm

May 24: Retirement for Rhonda Carr @ Admin 4:00 to 5:30pm

May 25: Spring Conferences for K3/K4/4D/4E/PreK

May 25: 3rd Grade Economics Fair 8:00-10:00am in Cafeteria

May 25: DCE Reception for Retiring Educators 3:30-5:00pm

May 26: 5th Grade Talent Show for Kinder-2nd Grade 8:00-10:00am in Cafeteria

May 26: Evacuation/Shelter Drill @ 2:00pm

May 27: 5th Grade Talent Show for 3rd-4th and Parents 8:00-10:00am in Cafeteria

May 27: ALL Grades and Comments DUE in Pentamation by 9:00am

May 30: NO School: Memorial Day

May 31: Memorial Day Observance 8:00am in side parking lot

May 31: 5th Grade Walking to Aquatic Center

June 1: 5th Grade Graduation 8:00-10:00am in DCE Cafeteria and Gym

June 2: Final Spirit Rally @ 8:00am

June 2: 5th Grade Final Walk @ 12:45pm along main hallways

June 2: Early Release @ 12:50pm

June 2: All Staff Lunch & Quick Meeting in DCE Library 1:10pm


*bring your class flag when you enter the gym to kick off Field Day!!

*water your plant bed!! :)

*turn in requests for summer painting and maintenance needs..DUE TUESDAY

*put note in newsletter about Lost and Found

*maintain daily schedule and high engagement learning

*have all EOY Data enter into Aware BEFORE the deadline

*start working on your inventory

*give Margareta the names of any parent volunteering, reading to your class, going on field ensure they have completed the CISD Background Check

*Let Sandra know if your grade level will not be eating in the cafeteria at least 2 weeks before

*sign up on the 2 Google Docs for Volunteer Appreciation and Retirement Celebration


5/4 Cole Larned

5/16 Alison Wilkinson

5/21 Claudia Gutierrez

5/26 Debbie Eckley

6/8 Kelly Murphy

6/19 Jessica Green

6/22 Jessica Kreais

6/25 Brad Cook

7/13 Vonda McFarling

7/22 Christina Guillen

7/26 Jennifer Hendricks

7/27 Claire Jeffers

7/31 Michelle Solomon


Hang in there! Just 13 more days!

The next few days will go by very quickly! Remember to bring an extra dose of patience in the coming days! The kids are just as excited about summer as we are but they are also feeling a "little lost" because they know they are leaving you and your classroom! We see it every year, those who have made amazing choices all year might not in the coming days, kids get out of their routine and don't get their normal sleep (and we ALL know what they means!), and they get emotional thinking about saying good bye to you.

Take some deep breathes and remember to ENJOY the next few days with your kiddos!!