By: Jessie

Real life story

In Minneapolis June 25, 2005 a 10 year old boy was fiercely attacked by a lion and a tiger. He had a brain injury and severed spinal cord on a respirator. He and his father were visiting body shop owner Chuck Mock, who has 11 exotic cats and 1 bear when he opened the cage, the tiger jumped and attacked the boy.

Dangers for animals.

They can't get the exercise that they need. They can't get proper nutrients that is necessary for them. Sometimes they can become more aggressive than they already are which is very dangerous. The animals could die because they aren't where they're supposed to be and it could possibly harm them.

Dangers for humans.

There are dangers to humans as well as animals. We could be mauled and have to be taken to the Emergency Room because the animal could become aggressive. We could possibly even be killed when they lunge at us. Exotic animals should be in the wild where there home is. That way everyone even the animals as well are safe.

What is illegal.

In Alaska you can't keep and exotic animals as pets. You need to make sure with your state if they allow exotic animals. Exotic animals are animals such as bears, wolves, coyotes, and any type of mammal, or bird.

The environment

The environment needs bigger animals to help keep other animal populations steady. This helps to keep the environment at a good spot.