Board Briefs

February 17, 2022

Important Note

The COVID mitigation plan concerning masking described in the Board Briefs below was altered on February 18, 2022 following updated advice from legal counsel.

Board Meeting Details

This regular Board of Education meeting was held in person at the District Office with no pandemic-related capacity limit. In-person public comment was available for attendees.

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m.

2. Approval of Meeting Agenda

The agenda was approved.

3. Recognition: What's Good in 109

Mr. Steckling shared highlights from around the six DPS 109 schools.

Highlights include:

-Valentine's Day fun at Walden

-Artwork from Wilmot featured at the District Office

-Olympics fun being had inside Kipling, Shepard, and with our Early Learners

-Memorable math classes at Caruso, Shepard, and Wilmot

-A chance to go rock climbing at Caruso

-Highlights of this week's Social Media & Digital Safety nights

You can see his presentation below.

Our featured school was South Park, where the following was highlighted:

-4th grade Olympics fun

-A school-wide initiative to help support Pete's Lunch

-Celebrating the 100th day of school

-4th graders playing instruments for the first time!

-Proud Penguins winners

-Kindergarteners learning sign language

We also heard a great presentation from several students representing the South Park Library Squad and everything they have been up to. You can watch their presentation below:

4. Superintendent's Report

Mr. Simeck said that the primary goal all year has been to get kids in school and keep them in school and that has been a success. He thanked the parents, students and staff for their flexibility and support. He said that Deerfield is one of the most highly vaccinated communities in the county. The staff vaccination rate is 96% and we know that at least 89.2% of students are vaccinated. Recent SHIELD testing positivity rates are down to 0.59%. The recent CDC MMWR shows that KN95 and N95 masks are highly effective at protecting the wearer from the virus.

He said that parents can help in the effort by disclosing vaccine status, signing up for SHIELD testing and participating every week, and keeping students home if someone in your household tests positive for COVID.

He said that after extensive discussion with neighboring districts, DPS 109 will be moving to a mask recommended environment starting March 7, 2022. Other mitigation protocols like distancing

Mr. Simeck said that phase in time is important for staff and students. Many younger students have never been at school without masks. There needs to be time for parents to talk to kids about their expectations, our teachers to speak with their classes about the change,

He reiterated the primary goal is getting kids in school and keeping them there. We will likely be dealing with COVID on an ongoing basis. As we move to the endemic phase, it is important we recognize that we may need to dial up or down mitigations depending on the time of year. We will do what we need to do to stop the spread of infection and preserve instructional and social experiences.

LCHD advises us that historical metrics won't be as accurate moving forward. DPS 109 will continue to note cases on our dashboard throughout the rest of the year.

Our indicators will primarily be: SHIELD testing prevalence, average caseloads over time, and positives in classrooms or other settings. LCHD will assist us in dealing with any concerns about spread. This is all subject to change based on updated guidance from health agencies.

There are some things that are unknown. Our legal counsel says that the DeVore case does not apply to us. The appellate ruling has been expected for some time. Our legal counsel says that the recent JCAR ruling is not applicable to us. The Governor's Executive Order is still applicable to us, and we will abide by it until lapses on March 5th.

He summarized that we have been successful in getting kids in school and keeping them there. We are looking forward to peeling back mitigations and he thanks and appreciates everyone for their flexibility and patience.

5. Community Participation Relative to Matters on the Meeting Agenda (Policy 2:230)

There were two speakers concerning masks in schools.

6. Assessment Update

Ms. Arnold provided an update of Winter 2022 MAP data and recap of Fall 2021 MAP data. Winter MAP growth is consistent with pre-pandemic district norms for both math and reading. The mean RIT by grade level remains lower than pre-pandemic and winter 2021 norms, however the the grade-level norms of DPS 109 still remain higher than much of the country. You can click below to watch her presentation.


7.1. Freedom of Information Requests (Policy 2:250)

Dr. Filippi said there are seven requests in the packet that have been addressed.

7.2. 2022-23 Fee Recommendation

Dr. Filippi presented the fee recommendations for the 2022-2023 school year. The proposal eliminates the milk fee and slightly increases the fee for paid transportation.

7.3. Custodial Services RFP Results

Dr. Filippi says 8 bids were received and the low responsible bidder was Citywide Building Maintenance. The recommendation in March will be to enter into a 3-year contract with Citywide.

7.4. New Mission and Vision

Mr. Simeck walked through the Define 109 process, which has led us to the unveiling of the district's proposed mission and vision.


District 109: Where creative environments ignite curiosity, collaborative relationships build

community, and challenging experiences foster confidence.


By forging connections within, across, and beyond our classrooms, and cultivating each individual’s unique talents, we will develop students who are resilient emotionally, skilled socially, and prepared academically.

The plan is to have to the board vote on this as an action item for the March Board of Education meeting. After approval, the administration would begin the strategic planning process with a targeted presentation of that to the Board of Education in August.

7.5. Draft 2022/23 Regular Board Meeting Schedule

President Montgomery introduced the schedule for next year's board meetings. This will be brought back as an action item next month.

7.6. First Reading: Policy (4:20, 4:40, 4:50, 4:60, 4:70, 4:80, 4:90, 4:100, 4:110, 4:150, 4:160, 4:165, 4:170, 4:175, 4:180, 4:190, 6:135)

Dr. Fisher presented the policies for a first reading.

7.7. Intergovernmental Agreement By & Between the Village of Deerfield & Deerfield Public School District 109 to Reimburse Crossing Guard Services

Dr. Filippi presented the agreement that calls for the village to reimburse some of the cost for crossing guards. It has been reviewed by the district's legal counsel.


8.1. Consent Agenda*

Meeting minutes were approved.

Personnel items were approved.

Bills for payment were approved.

8.2. Recommendation to Approve a Resolution for TRS Supplemental Savings Plan

The resolution was approved.

8.3. Annual Audit RFP Results - Recommendation to Approve Lauterbach & Amen, LLP

The recommendation was approved.

8.4. Recommendation to Approve Printer/Print Services Contract

The recommendation was approved.

8.5. Final Reading: Policy (2:20, 2:110, 2:120, 2:150, 2:220, 2:222, 2:260, 3:40, 5:10, 5:20, 5:30, 5:50, 5:90, 5:100, 5:120, 5:185, 5:200, 5:250, 6:15, 6:50, 6:60, 6:120, 6:130, 7:30, 7:60, 7:70, 7:80, 7:150, 7:180, 7:190, 7:200, 7:210, 7:290, 7:310, 7:340, 7:345)

The policies were approved.

8.6. Treasurer's Report

The report was approved.

8.7. Intergovernmental Agreement By & Between the Village of Deerfield & Deerfield Public School District 109 to Reimburse Crossing Guard Services

The intergovernmental agreement was approved.

9. Committee Reports (Policy 2:150)

Mrs. Jakymiw attended a TrueNorth board meeting.

President Montgomery says the Executive Development Committee met last week and that it will be discussed in closed session tonight.

10. Open Community Participation (Policy 2:230)

There were no speakers present.

11. Board/Superintendent Other

President Montgomery thanked the administration for the communication that went out to the community yesterday. She thanked our teachers and families for all of their flexibility. She also thanked our presenters from South Park tonight. She addressed a request this week to move meetings to a larger space. The quality of the streaming would not be as good moving equipment on short notice to another facility like Caruso. The Board will continue to meet at the District Office for the rest of this school year, but is planning to move meetings to Caruso next year. This was approved at a previous meeting.

The Board has directed the administration to do more research about the legal responsibilities for paying for crossing guards and report back as soon as possible.

12. Closed Session (Policy 2:220)

The board moved into closed session at 9:18 p.m.

13. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 10:18 p.m. following closed session.

Upcoming School Board Meetings

Thursday, March 17, 2022 @ 7 p.m. - Regular Board Meeting

Thursday, April 21, 2022 @ 7 p.m. - Regular Board Meeting