Lago Vista Middle School


May 17th


Upcoming Events.....

Wednesday, May 25th -- Student Awards turned into the front office for signatures

Friday, May 27th -- Final Exams (periods 1st & 6th)

Friday, May 27th -- 8th grade awards @ 2:10

Monday, May 30th -- School Holiday

Tuesday, May 31st -- Final Exams (periods 2nd & 7th)

Tuesday, May 31st -- 7th grade awards @ 9:55 / 6th grade awards @ 2:10

Wednesday, June 1st -- Final Exams (periods 3rd & 8th)

Wednesday, June 1st -- Early Release

Thursday, June 2nd -- Final Exams (periods 4th & 5th)

Thursday, June 2nd -- Early Release

Thursday, June 2nd -- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

Thursday, June 2nd -- WE STAY UNTIL IT'S DONE...

We will stay until it's done....

Because June 3rd is a comp day for teachers, we will have to get EVERYTHING done on June 2nd!! We will give you more information by the end of this week.

Sign your Teacher contracts....

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Sign your contract...

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Bell to bell instruction...

There are 12 days left of the school year. The expectations are still that you are teaching bell to bell. The best way to keep student discipline to a minimum is to keep them actively engaged during the class period!
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End of School awards...


Each Subject:

Best Male Student / Best Female Student

Most Improved Male / Most Improved Female

Overall Male Student / Overall Female ** Grade Level -- verify with elective teachers.

When y'all have decided, please stop by Sue's desk and get the fancy paper for it. TEACHERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PRINTING THEIR OWN CERTIFICATES. I will send the template for the awards and Sue will have the paper for them.

These need to be printed by you and ready to go by next Wednesday (5/25) so I have time to sign them.

Thanks. I will have our end of year sign out sheet ready for you later this week!

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Supervision.... Supervision..... Supervision

Please be vigilant in being visible during passing periods and promptly at your duty positions before and after school. 12 DAYS LEFT!!! Be visible at all times possible!!!

What we know about our schedule...

School day: 8:15 - 4:00

Teacher Workday: 7:45 - 4:15

Periods in a day: 8 -- lunch not included like this year

Instructional class time: 50 minutes

Passing period: 4 minutes

Planning/Conference time: Two periods for all teachers (one common planning period for grade level and one conference period)

Lunches: 2 lunches (6th/7th grade lunch & 8th grade lunch)

I hope that you will appreciate being able to have two planning periods next year. We will have to lengthen our day a bit, but we feel that we are able to provide you with an additional conference period next year.

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