Holy Sepulchre, Israel

A Tomb for Jesus


The Holy Sepulchre is in Israel. Israel is the capitol of Jeruselem. The Holy Sepulchre is between the Tower of David and the Church of the Flagellation.


The Holy Sepulchre is a cave-like tomb where Jesus was buried. An emperor named Constantine built a church over it. The complex includes an early Christian church and courtyards. The church is an elaborate place to worship God.


In 335 C.E. Constantine built a church over the Holy Sepulchre. A while later the church burned down. The Crusaders rebuilt and expanded it to protect and preserve the hill where Jesus was crucified. They also rebuilt the beautiful, ornate temples so Christians could continue to worship Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Religion it is Sacred To and Why

The Holy Sepulchre is sacred to the Christians. It is sacred because it is where Jesus was buried. Whether Jesus was buried there or not is debatable. The complex also marks where he was crucified. In fact, the complex protects where he was crucified.