Tech Learning Community



Educ@conTIC (means Teach with IT in your classroom). It is a learning community in Spanish, where I can find in a very organized way different topics related to use digital technology from elementary to high school level.


Being connected!

The most impactful thing we can do in our career as an educator, is to be connected. It give the opportunity to know about other tools that somebody else possibly uses to enhance learning.

As a bilingual teacher, in this particular learning community I can find fresh ideas for my bilingual classroom activities and resources for technology integration.

I like the blog area because there are three tabs, which organizes all posts by "the most visited", "the more rating", and "the most commented". In general, it is well organize and this save time when you want to find something specific.

Until know, my contribution has been just to comment or reply to an earlier message. I have not decide a start a new online discussion, yet. I think, for me it is time to step out my comfort zone and transfer what happens in my classroom into the online world.