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Cambodia is located at the bottom right of Asia, it is between Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. If you compare them, Cambodia is slightly smaller than Oklahoma. Its climate is tropical, rainy, and sometimes it could rain non-stop for months. This happens around May to November, and it is dry around December to April. Its land features are flat plains, and mountains in SouthWest and North of it. The Natural Resources they have are oil, gas, timber, gemstone, and iron ore.The Natural Disaster is flooding, which is caused by Monsoonal Rains. (Non-Stop raining)


People in Cambodia are called "Cambodians." Their language they speak is Khmer, and a little French and English. Their religons are Buddism, and Muslim, but mostly Buddism. Their population since July 2012, it is 14,952,665. Down below you could see their clothing that they wear, their tradition, and what kind of food they eat.


 Cambodia has a Monarchy type of government that is ruled by Prime Minister HUN SEN. He has been the leader of this country since 1985. Cambodians have Senates and National Assemblies. The last held Senate was in February 2012 and the last held National Assembly was in July 2008. The Legislative branch is called "The National Assembly", and the Judicial branch is called "The Supreme Council of the Magistracy." The Constitution was formed in December 1997, letting people of 18 years or older to vote.


Cambodia has a per capita GDP of $2400. That is a good average GDP. Its Agricultural products are rice, rubber, corn, vegetables, cashews, and silk. Its Industries are garments, construction, rice milling, fishing, wood, wood products, rubber, cement, gem mining, and textiles. Its percent of Industries is 5.7%.Cambodia's Import partners and their percent of their work of importing to them are Thailand (24.6%), Vietnam (20.6%), China (19.9%), Singapore (7.8%), and Hong Kong (6%) Its Export partners and their percent of their work of exporting from them are US (39.5%), Canada (8.2%), Germany (7.8%), UK (7.5%), Vietnam (6%), and Japan (4.3%). The percents of their labor force (Agriculture/Industry/Services) are Agriculture: 57.6%,Industry: 15.9%, and Services: 26.5%The name of Cambodia's currency is "Riel".
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