Help our Phasmids live!

By: Kevin Li and Justin He!!!

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Help our Phasmid's population!

Phasmids are small creatures that are very smart because when there are predators they will play dead and drop to the ground. We need to reproduce the population of Phasmids.If it is too late and all of the Phasmids Population will go lower and lower.

How to save Phasmids?

To save Phasmids we can stop polluting trees because they live on trees.We can also stop making ants a less popular because the ants actually look after nymphs when they are hatched because they look exactly the same as ants.Make them live at a tropical place where they live.

Why we should save Phasmids?

We should save Phasmids because they are smart,fast ,interesting,incredible,Herbivores/vegetarian.

They are also harmless(does not do any thing to injure) animals.

What they do/have to save theirselves?

1.They would play dead and drop to the floor

2.They would find a tree that matches their skin to camouflage

3.Spikes to let the predators not eat them because their too sharp

Information about Phasmids!!!

Diet:Eucalyptus leaves, Rose bush, Raspberry leaves and rose leaves.

Habitat:Tropical, coastal, warm and Forest.

Features: Did you know Female Phasmids don't need a male to lay eggs.

Only male stick insects can fly. They only need to moult their skins a few times.

What is their life cycle?

1.Starting as a egg small as a seed

2.Three or more years till it hatches

3.Turns into a nymph and ants look after

4.After that they moult their skin a few times to turn into an adult

What makes their population lower?

Natural disasters, because the weather has changed and that has made their population go lower .Their population is going down by weather because they like hot and warm places. Natural disasters can kill lots of Phasmids at once.

Thank You for Reading our Flyer!!!