Technology in the Classroom at BMS

Great ideas from your ITRT - Heidi Overfelt

Webpages on SharpSchool....

Keeping up with your webpages may seem like just one more responsiblity that is taking away from your time teaching. But there are some great ways to add to your webpages that will help you in the classroom and increase your communication with parents and students.

1. Add a page of Useful Websites...

Use a Content Page to add links for students or parents.

For students:

  • Webpages with more information on what they are studying in class
  • More practice exercises for them to do at home (IXL, Pearson Textbook, etc)
  • Game sites that enhance your lesson

For parents:

  • Information that they need about SOLs
  • Study tips for homework

Add pictures and graphics to make it more interesting!

2. Make a Classroom Blog

Use a blog to document what you are doing in class. This can be a less formal way of telling your class story, making it more interesting. Not only is this a great way for you to communicate to your parents, but your students might welcome this as a refreshing way to find out about their class.

Don't have time to write blog posts each week? Why not have your students write the blog postings? It is a great review - if they have to "report" on the lab experiment they did in class, it help to reinforce the lesson.

And guess what? At the end of the year, you will have documentation of what you did all year to help you in planning for the next year...

3. Add pictures in a gallery

Yes, you have to be careful photographing students and student work. But if you have parental permission, you can include some great photos from your classroom. It doesn't just have to be students in desks working hard - it can be examples of student work, drawings, posters, lab experiments, video projects. Show some of the great work going on in BMS classrooms.

You will get great feedback from grandparents and other family members that can see what their grandchildren are doing even if they live far away...

4. Make a Webquest

Webquests are great educational tools, but it is so discouraging when you want students to visit a specific site with a URL a mile long.

So put your webquest into your website! You can make all the links and instructions in one place. The students can then go into the computer lab, go to the BMS site and then find your teacher page and VOILA! There is all the information that they need to do the webquest. And you will have it all there to use again next year.

And more...

If you want to link any outside page to your webpage, that can work too.

Lots of teachers have linked their webpage to a Google Calendar because it is so much easier to add their assignments to a Google Calendar than to the SharpSchool webpage.

Or you can use Google Sites to make your own webpage that links all your lessons and information and link that to your webpage...

The sky's the limit!

So make the webpage that you have dreaded into an asset for your classroom!

If you need any help, just send me an email and I will see how I can help!