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Washington Street Elementary - April 28, 2023

Upcoming Events:


  • 2 - Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra visits WSE
  • 4 - 5th Grade to Greenfield Village
  • 8 - FUN RUN!
  • 9 - Fun Run Money Due
  • 12 - 5th Grade Field Day @ Bulldog Stadium
  • 15 - 1st Grade to Boulder Ridge Zoo
  • 18 - 3rd Grade to John Ball Zoo
  • 25 - Warriors 5k Ultimate Fitness Challenge
  • 31 - 1st Grade Program, OHS Auditorium - 2:30 pm


  • 1 - Field Day
  • 2 - 5th Grade Recognition, WSE Gymnasium - 2 pm
  • 6 - Kindergarten Celebration, OMS Auditorium - 9:30 am
  • 7 - 1/2 Day
  • 8 - 1/2 Day, Last Day of School, Trimester Awards Assembly - 9 am

Field Trip & School Event Parking

PLEASE park at the Middle School if you are attending a field trip or an event at WSE. This will ensure that we can have a normal dismissal. We have many upcoming events and we would like to avoid any added craziness at the end of each day. Thank you!

Fun Run

The WSE Fun Run is around the corner! This is our one and only fundraiser for the year. Students have a chance to earn great prizes: Classroom raffles, cotton candy, a pool party, pancakes with the principal, an obstacle course inflatable party, and more! The Fun Run will be held on Monday, May 8. All donations are due by May 9 to be eligible for prizes.

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2023-2024 Class Placements

Spring is the time of year when we begin planning for the 2023-2024 school year. Placement of children in classes is a part of that planning and a most difficult task. Responsible placement decisions take time and many consultations among staff members. Our goal is to make the best match between student, teacher, and learning environment. Many factors must be considered such as gender ratios, academic ranges, social behavior, personalities, special needs, and learning styles. If you feel you have special insights regarding your child that could assist with our selection, it is certainly welcome. We ask parents to adhere to the following guidelines:

• Provide information about your child’s needs.

• Do NOT request a specific teacher or friendship group. A detailed description of your child’s learning style and individual needs is more helpful.

• Information must be in writing-email jknight@otsegops.org this FORM -- or fill out a form in the office on or before May 5th.

Remember that due to the many factors involved, we are unable to make any guarantees, other than the fact that we will put much thought, consideration, and individual attention into each and every placement. We hope you will rely on our expertise and know that the best possible placement will be made for your child.

M-STEP Testing Dates


  • 4th Grade - 5/11
  • 4th Grade - 5/4
  • 3rd Grade - 5/11


Bulldog PRIDE

Congratulations to the following students for being selected as their classroom PRIDE winner for the week!

P - Positive Attitude

R - Responsible Actions

I - Integrity Within

D - Determination to Succeed

E - Expect Excellence

Kindergarten: Quindylan Johnson, Sereniti Belden, Arlen Holmes

1st grade: Braylin LeGrow, Emma Crippin, Finn Chapman

2nd grade: Charlie Dennis, Zac Broadhurst, Zoey Kowalski

3rd grade: Elizabeth Bodine, Elliott Steffic, Eva Plum

4th grade: Aeryn Cervantez, Emma Truax, Bailey Carmon

5th grade: Alana Garcia, Bella Plum, Madison Johnson

Counselor's Corner

How can I get my child to take schoolwork more Seriously?

It is critical that your child learn to take schoolwork seriously. Although quizzes and tests may have a larger impact on overall grades, it’s regular assignments that reinforce knowledge on a daily basis. To help elementary students become a more responsible student:

  • Explain how you feel - If you haven’t spelled it out yet, do so now. “I’ve noticed that you blow off your assignments quite a bit. That’s not OK, so let’s figure out how to change the situation.”

  • Enforce a daily work time - Brainstorm with your child to find a time that works best and make sure your child sticks to it. Get your child involved in setting up a schedule. They will show more ownership of it, if they are involved in making the plan. “Study time starts at 5:00. No arguments.” If there are no assignments, your child can use the time to review math facts or read.

  • Tie schoolwork to privileges - “After you have finished your assignment, you may go outside and play basketball.” To show your child that you’re serious, be sure to check that the work was completed correctly.

  • Follow up with school - If your home strategies don’t work, get the teachers involved. Let your child know that you’ll be checking with them each week to see whether your student is turning in completed assignments. Set appropriate consequences for not doing so.

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Lunch Account

Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch must enroll each year. The deadline is Sept. 30th

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