All About Me!

By: Ashlyn Frederick

My Favorite Hobbies

Some of my favorite hobbies include dancing, and playing volleyball. I dance at the Rhythm Room Dance Center in Jefferson. I play volleyball for the Greene County Middle School that's also in Jefferson.

My Favorite Foods

One of my favorite foods is steak. This is pretty normal for me because a live on a cattle raisin farm.

My Personality Traits

My Family

My family has 6 members in it. My mom, and dad, my two younger brothers, Ethan, and Owen, my younger sister, Kayla, and of course me! I'm the oldest out of all of them.

My Best Friends

My Pets

I live on a farm so all of my pets live outside. I have a puppy named Ruby who is 5 months old, and loves to play. I also have about 15-20 farm cats they are annoying and smell bad.

My Favorite Songs

My two most favorite songs of all time are "Beachin" and "Vacation." These songs are sung my Jake Owen, and Thomas Rhett.

My Favorite Movies

My ultimate favorite movies are Journey 2, and the Divergent Series. All of these movies are action packed but not to scary.

My Favorite Sports Teams

My two favorite football sports teams are the ISU Cyclones, and the Chicago Bears. The ISU Cyclones are a college team, and the Chicago Bears are NFL players.

Things I Like About School

Some of my favorite subjects at school are social studies, and math. Mr. Braun teaches social studies, and Mr. Sheldon teaches math.