Wilhelm Keitel War Trial

Get in dept with the trial and what really went on.

Wilhelm Keitel's crimes, convictions, and sentencing.

Wilhelm Keitel was Hilter's chief of staff. Wilhelm was directly Involved in the planning of the war at a higher level. Some of Wilhelms direct involvement was in the terror fliers policy, that resulted in the wanton downing of british and american planes and the summary execution of the fliers and the night and fog decrees of 1941 which resulted, over the next three years, in the summary execution. Wilhelm was very loyal to the fact he was a solider and chief of staff and he's wasn't afraid to share that. Keitel was sentenced to death by hanging.

Wilhelm Keitel sentenced to death!

I believe that it was wrong to sentence Keitel to death, that's just to easy. I think he would have been an endangerment to everyone if he wasn't killed but I think that he should have rotted in jail.