December 18, 2015

Dates to Remember

Dec. 20- Jan. 4- Winter Break

Jan. 6 - Report Cards

Jan. 18 - No School

Jan. 29 - Lunch with the Principal

Cardboard Tubes- Please Save Them for Us!

We will be creating something when we come back for science that will require MANY cardboard tubes. As you finish rolls of wrapping paper, paper towels, or toilet paper, please save your tubes for us! If possible, please try to take off as much paper as possible so only the cardboard tube is left. Thank you!

Holiday Party

Thank you to everyone who sent in items for our holiday party or who came to help. The kids had a blast!

GCISD Book Challenge

GCISD is having a book challenge to encourage your children to read over the winter break. Please go to for more information.

Class Objectives for Next Week

Math- Geometry

Writing- Focusing On One Idea in Writing and How to Best Be Descriptive

Reading- Looking Closely at an Author's Craft

Science- Motion

Social Studies- Geography, Presenting our "Perfect Country" Project; Local History and Landmarks

Classroom Wishlist

If you'd like to purchase items for our classroom, you can check out our Amazon Wishlist. After talking with students, I've added books they'd like to see in our classroom library as well as other items I know we will need throughout the year.

Class Blog and Shutterfly Page

If you haven't already, be sure you bookmark our class blog and join our class Shutterfly page. These are two great ways to see what we are doing in our classroom.

Class Blog:
Shutterfly Page: