Emperor Penguin


Most penguins feed on squid, fish and krill but the Emperor Penguin only eats fish and squid.


Emperor Penguins live in Antarctica, the driest, coldest and windiest place on Earth. Antarctica has lots of ice, snow, glaciers, blizzards, icebergs and most defiantly water.


Emperor Penguins breed in Autumn (around April) when the ice gets thick enough to hold the thousands of penguins. They reach the same location every year. When they get to their destination they need to partner up with the last penguin they had or if not bred yet they find one!


The Emperor Penguins predators is the Killer Whale and the Leopard Seal.


1. Black above and white underneath makes it harder to see in the sea

2. Sharp backwards pointing spears in their tongue to stop their prey from escaping

3. Short stiff tail to balance on land

4. Short wings as flippers for "flying" underwater

5. insulated with a layer of fat called blubber to keep warm in the harsh weather conditions

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