Texas Road Trip

Hanah Kim

Day 1: Austin

City Limits Music Festival

On the first day of my Texas trip, I went to Austin, Texas. there, I went to the City Limits Music Festival which was held in ZIlker Park where there were all different kinds of awesome activities. there were all differernt types of music like rock, indie, folk, country, hip hop, and electronic. At the festival there is more than just music, they have activities all different ages can enjoy. There is also food, drinks, an art market and an area for kids and family. The festival was founded in 2002 and until 2012 it was a one-weekend event, but this changed to a two-week event letting people have a longer time to enjoy the festival. there are about 75, 000 people that attend while it is being held. This is an amazing festival that you should never miss out on.

Bullock Texas State History Museum

My next stop in Austin is........Bullock Texas State History Museum! This is a great place for private weddings and it has new artifacts added to its collection almost daily! You could hold events like partiies, weddings, proms and more at the museum. It also has Austin's one and only IMAX theater. you can watch old documaents and films on the biggest screen in Texas. some artifacts are loaned and some are interchanged with other places. because of this you cna see new historical items every time you go! There are many diffrerenet exhibits you can choose to go to. By going to this museum, you could see the whole story of Texas in front of your very own eyes.

Colorado River

The Colorado River is the 18th most longest river and a portion of this river is called Lake Austin. This river is slow moving and has a lot of beautiful scenery. There is a variety different wildlife animals the river is also home to many aquatic plants that grow on the side. In addition, it only has a few white water hazards that are in this river, which means you can expect a nice and safe trip. Crossing the Lake Austin portion of the river is the Pennybacker Bridge. Both the source and mouth of the river is located in Texas. I saw a lot of beautiful scenes at the lake and I hope you do too!

Day 2: Richardson

Cottonwood Art Festival

For this show, artists send in their artwork to present to the people in Richardson. For each show, the jurors choose about 240 artists to exhibit their work. There are 14 different categories that the authors compete in: sculpture and wood, metalwork, photography, painting, glass, jewelry, leather, fiber, glass, drawings/pastels, ceramics, digital, 2D mixed median and 3D mixed media. Food is also served during the festival and you can enjoy this while listening to the music playing. the Cottonwood Festival doesn't only have art, but they have different bands to play different types of music. These genres include folk, swing, jazz, blues, rock and country.

SId Richardson Museum

The Sid Richardson Museum was open in 1982 and is now located in Sundance Square. The museum started collecting artworks from the artists Frederick Remington and Charles Russell. They also have works of other artists. The Sid Richardson Museum also offers different education programs for different ages. You can get tours around the museum for any age. There are all different types of tours you can take in the museum. They have regular scheduled tours every Tuesday and Saturdays are free. You can also take class/school trips to the museum and get a tour. not only that, but you may aslo get a tour if you are home schooled. If your nearby the museum make sure to go and visit!

Cottonwood Park

This is the park that the one and only Cottonwood Art Festival takes place in. There are many trees and other natural resources and living organisms. You can see different types of wildlife in the park. In the park there are places that all ages can come and enjoy together. there are trails that you can follow for little bit of exercise. There is also a picnic area where you can enjoy the nice weather with your family and have fun together. in addition, the park has a playground for kids and their friends to go play together. For people who do sports there is a volleyball and tennis court that you can your favorite sport in. Make sure to go visit and have an awesome time!

Day 3: Fredericksburg

Gillespie Fair

The Gillespie Fair is the oldest county fair found in Texas. you can see all different kinds of old fashioned things and you can attend many exciting events. You can watch horse races and taste delicious food. like different flavors of funnel cake, cookies and pie! You can go and relieve all your stress and just have a blast at the fair. Thee are various things that you can do to enjoy the fair. For instance, there are pageants that you can enter, craft markets, dinners, and even dances. There is food and drinks for you to enjoy and you will have the time of your life!

Pioneer Museum

The museum is currently three acres and they have 11 buildings that you can visit. There are many stories to the museum and various artifacts that you can see. During the holidays you can visit the museum and participate in various events like the Easter Egg Hunt or the Tannenbaum Ball. You can rent different parts of the museum for you to hold events. you can hold celebrations, performances, reunions and a lot more for your personal use. At the museum you can also take various tours like school tours or custom ones. You can also enjoy hands-on activities like rope making, churning butter, making corn husk dolls and quilting. I had an amazing time at the museum earning about new things and doing cultural activities. It was awesome!

Enchanted Rock State Park

The Enchanted Rock State Park is now a National Natural Landmark and one of the most visited Texas sites. Compared to other parks this park's scenery is unusual and the summit can also be reached easily. The plants that grow there vary with all different kinds of species. There are two different kinds of trails at the park, the Summit Trail and the Loop Trail. Both routes have different qualities you can choose from to match it to your athletic ability. I learned a lot about new landforms at this park. I had a great time and I hope you go and visit sometime. Now to my next city!!

Day 4: Kerrville

Kerrville Folk Festival

The Kerrville Folk Festival is family-oriented events at that take place at the Quiet Valley Ranch yearly. This festival takes place for 18 days and nights straight, during every May and June. Although it is called a folk festival they have many more genres. some of the genres that are performed in this festival are acoustic, traditional folk, bluegrass, rock, blues, Americana, country, and jazz. Not only this, but they have many more activities for all ages. For instance, songwriting schools, special concerts and activities for children, music business seminars, hill country bike rides, canoe rides, New Folk Competitions and concert for new songwriters. At this festival I learned a lot about their music and culture.

The Museum in Western Art

This museum is dedicated to the preservation of Western Heritage and expanding people's knowledge about this topic. The Western Museum of Art displays all different kinds of art and artists like sculptures and paintings. They also have a research library you can research about all different kinds of Western art and about the artists. I loved everything about my visit there. It was an amazing visit. I learned so much about art from the west.

Riverside Nature Center

At the Riverside Nature Center there is breathe-taking scenery to look at and a variety of activities you can enjoy. There is also a trail that can be easily navigated for all people. This nature center can be easily accessed and it is also very relaxing. I believe that the walking trail by the Guadalupe River is really enjoyable and makes your visit very worthwhile. There is also a gift shop for you to buy souvenirs and gifts during your visit there. I had an amazing time and loved the scenery and activities I got to do there. Now it's finally time for my next city in Texas......AMARILLO!

Day 5: Amarillo

Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West

Cowgirls and Cowboys in the west allows you to have many great experiences that people in the west did. You can try out horseback riding and it doesn't matter if you an experienced rider or a novice at it. You can go on tours and go to various meal events. This was a great chance for me to be able to try out how the people in the west lived everyday and how they got around. For the horseback riding you can choose a time frame to decide how long you would ride. The ranch there has beautiful scenery and the riding equipment they use is top quality. There are also different tours within that you can take. They can be seven hours long or they could take days, and some may even include food and a hotel.

Texas Air and Space Museum

This museum is located in the grounds of Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport. At the Texas Air and Space Museum there were many exhibits to look at and observe. There are things all about the history of air and space. There are exhibits about the famous people in history, a diverse variety of planes, and the history of the wars that the U.S. took place in. There are many models of planes and galleries you can look at. The story of Texas' Panhandle's flight can also be seen here. Every year there is a new additional aircraft that is added to their collection. During my time at the museum, I learned a lot about how planes and air crafts relate to the wars from the past.

Amarillo Botanical Gardens

In this beautiful garden you can experience and learn a lot by using your five senses. There are exotic plants and has a variety of different species. There are special events that can be held in the garden, classes you can take to learn more. The garden was created to prove that people can grow things in the high plains and they were successful. The people were able to grow beautiful, unique and exotic plants in the garden. You can schedule a photography session at the garden and take amazing photos. In addition, you can rent the facility for special or personal events. the Amarillo Botanic Garden is a great place to visit to just get some fresh air and relax.

Day 6: Graham

Old Post Office Museum & Art Center (OPOMAC)

The OPOMAC was opened on May 28, 1936. When you go into the art deco you can see the history through the art right before your eyes. The original post office is now used as the Main gallery of the museum for different showcases and other exhibits. Thanks to other places loaning and renting their paintings to the museum they have rotating exhibits and galleries. Although some are permanent you may be able to see something new every time you visit. This means that you could see many different kinds of artworks whenever you visit. You will have more experience and knowledge in these topics.

Graham Memorial Auditorium

The Graham Memorial Auditorium is a great place for all different kinds of performances. They also have a proscenium stage in the auditorium. They host a variety of different shows and events like school competitions, dance, symphony orchestra music, and much more. The auditorium has a seating for 780 people in the theater. There are various things to watch on the stage. There are things for all ages to enjoy and I had a great time watching their performance. It's time for my next site, the.........Dark Canyon RV Park.

Dark Canyon RV Park

The Dark Canyon RV Park has many things you can enjoy during your stay here, like I did! Around the park there are places you can go and enjoy while visiting. You can stay at the park for a short period of time or you can stay for several days. That all depends on your decision. Although I could only stay for a few hours, I still had a great time during my visit. There is beautiful scenery to look at and there are various events that you can participate in. For instance, rodeos and monster truck rallies. I had an amazing and enjoyable time during my visit in Graham. Now it's time for me to go visit my next city! I'm so excited!

Day 7: El Paso

Chamizal National Memorial

The Chamizal national Memorial was built to commemorate the diplomatic relationship between the U.S. and Mexico. This memorial has an education program to educate the students and expand their knowledge on this topic. The memorial also has several galleries that display both local and border artists. Every year in March the memorial holds Siglo de Oro, also known as Spain's Golden Age. They also celebrate Dia de los Muertos or The Day of the Dead. This monument has many different deep stories to it. You can learn about these at the monument. During my visit here, I learned so much about the history of El Paso and how the Chamizal National Monument came to be. It was a great experience for me.

Magoffin Home State Historic Site

Magoffin Home State Historical Site

Chihuahuan Desert

The Chihuahuan Desert is the biggest desert in North America. There is beautiful scenery within the desert and many activities you can enjoy while your there. There are trails you can hike on and a variety of exhibits you can look at and observe. Inside the desert there is botanical gardens with many different plants and organisms. There are different collections in the gardens. You can rent this beautiful facility for weddings, your private events, and other personal uses. There is also a shop called the Leapin' Lizards Nature Shop where you can buy souvenirs during your visit there. There are t-shirts, books, food, candles, puppets, and a lot more. I had an amazing time and learned so much more about different plants and had a great time following the trail in the desert.

Day 8: Kermit

Million Barrel Museum

The Million Barrel Museum

Medallion House

The Medallion House is the oldest building in Kermit. The building was built in 1907 by a county clerk. It was dismantled in 1910 and was moved to the actual town of Kermit. The owner of the house is W.H. Seastruck. It is furnished periodically. I personally thought that my visit there was pretty cool and I had an enjoyable time there observing the house.

Monahans Sandhills State Park

At the Sandhills State Park there are various activities that i was able to try. Some of these include, camping, hiking, horseback riding, sand surfing, and much more exciting experiences.
Monahans Sandhills State Park, Texas [Official]