Of Mice And Men Banned Book Project

By: Surya Raviraj

Background information

"Of mice and men" was a banned book until a couple of years ago. Some of the reasons it was banned was because of: They use of the N word, Profanities, racial slurs, violence and etc. The major themes that contributed to its censorship is racism, Lonlienes, friendship and mistreatment of women, but the one that contributd the most is racism.

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How does racism contribute to the book's censorship

An example of racism was "You don't let me in your house to play cards, so why should I let you into my house?" (p.68) This is racism because Crooks, the only black person on the whole ranch, is excluded from many activities. Another example would be '"Why ain't you wanted?" Lennie asked. "'Cause I'm black. They play cards in there, but I can't play because I'm black. They say I stink.' (p.68) This is racism because they are not accepting Crook for what he is and they discriminate him and make him feel bad.


Although the book of mice and men was banned for a while people still think it should be banned. This is because it has a lot of offensive things like mistreatment of women, youth in Asia, violence and most importantly racism.