North vs. South


North geography

The North had many hills,valleys,bays,and costs. They also had a lot of rocky soil and there is a mountain.

South Geography

Long winters and short summers.

They had rice and lots of sugar cane and flat rivers

They could grow tobacco,corn.

North Economy

They made hand made machines.

They had started the industrial revolution

The south had many slaves and the blacks that were free had to pay extra taxes

South Economy

They had very good farm land.

They started to use the cotton gin to pick the seeds out of the cotton.

Also they had a lot of land for workers.

The way of life was that you would farm.

North Transportation

They had bouts powered by steam engines.

Also had around 20,000 miles of rail roads.

They had better roads.

They traveled by water to ship goods and kt was a faster way also it was cheaper to go by river.

south Transportation

They also have rail roads like the north by the south only had about 10,000 rail roads.

The channels made moving on river easy to do.

South Society

They got most of there wealth because they had slaves that worked for free so they did not have to pay them so they go to keep the money they got from selling things.

A lot of the population was slaves.

The free blacks had to pay extra taxes because there was not that many free blacks.

North society

They tried to end slavery.

They had many mills and factories.

More then one million people lived in New York.

Northerners moved to cities

In the north they were neither wealth or powerful

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