Birth Marked

Written by: Caragh M. O'Brien Report by Ric Bulin


Leaning against the wall, Gaia stopped to catch her breath. BANG. The sound of a gunshot roared through the tower causing Gaia to fall to her knees. In this book, there is a Girl named Gaia , her and her family live outside of the Enclave,. Everything was all going well, until one night when she came home and Sgt. Grey was sitting at the table. Around him was all of her families' possessions torn up and casted to the ground without any care. Sgt. Grey said her parents had been arrested for being traitors, then he left without another word. By the following afternoon, she knew she would have to break into the Enclave and free her parents.

Setting and Theme

The setting of the book is in the future where we have ran out of natural resources and there is an energy crisis.

The theme of this book is never give up


I enjoyed only one thing about this book and it was that the author always keeps you guessing.

The main character that played a role in the theme of the book would be Gaia because she never stopped trying to free her parents.

I thought the end of the book wasn't very good because we never find out if Sgt. Grey lives.

I do not recommend this book because when your reading the book it gets boring because there is not a lot going on.