Ms. McCants' Eagle's Nest

English 9/English 9 Honors-February 16- February 20, 2016

Agenda for February 16-February 20

Monday: President's Day (NO SCHOOL)
Tuesday/Wednesday: Start ACT III of "Romeo and Juliet"
HW: Answer ACT III, Scenes i-iii questions
Thursday/Friday: Complete ACT III
HW: Complete ACT III Questions; Start working FARCEbook Assignment

Student Tutoring Times: W/T/F (7:10-7:45)

T/TH/F Afternoon(On Request during Soccer Season)

Conference Times: W/F (7:10-7:45/ 8:00-/3:10-4:10)

T/TH Afternoon (On Request during Soccer Season)

CHS Class of 2019 Announcements


Please remember to stay up to date on grades and assignments through INow and Edmodo. Students, it is YOUR responsibility to communicate with your teachers on missed assignments and make-up work. Once progress reports come put, you will NOT be able to make-up any work without a doctor's excuse. Parents please encourage your student to stay on top of their assignments and grades. We want every Class of 2019 student to have a successful year.

If you have any concerns, please contact your student's teachers for a parent-teacher conference.

Ms.McCants Contact Information

If you have concerns or questions about your student and their academic progress, please do not hesitate to call or email me.