Save Brushy Creek Trail

Possible transmission towers going to destroy Brushy Creek

Brushy Creek & Lake Creek Trail Tour

Brushy Creek Trail

In Round Rock, TX there in a beautiful trail that runs along an awesome creek. This is called Brushy Creek and Brushy Creek Trail.

Some of the featured amenities of the trail are:

  • BBQ grills
  • Picnic tables
  • Kayaking on the creek
  • Going to the Rec Center
  • Right across from Avery Ranch Blvd.
  • Many gorgeous homes near creek
  • Lots of schools nearby for the kids
  • Play on the playgrounds
Cedar Park (a city in which Brushy Creek is located in) is one of the fastest growing cities in America. And more people means more power needed.

Transmission Towers

The LCRA TSC need to connect two power plants to give electricity to houses all around the Round Rock area. Sadly, one of their routes could destroy some of Brushy Creek Trail.

Tower Dimensions and Materials:

  • Typical height: 80-140 ft.
  • Typical easement width used: 60-100 ft.
  • Smallest “footprint” of available structure types
  • Steel or concrete

Here are some photographs of what they look like:

Tower Route N3

The LCRA has figured out that the quickest and most efficient route to take to get from one station to the other while passing through two substations was the route of route N3. N3 will end up taking out a total of 2.5 miles of Brushy Creek Trail and a lot of its vegetation.


The LCRA is the organization that is running the transmission tower project. LCRA's headquarters are in Austin, TX.
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Route I chose

I decided that I wanted a route that goes along I35. I chose this route because it will not effect much going along I35. This route connects the two power stations white still going through two sub stations. This route does not affect anyone in Brushy Creek nor the trail.


Total sq. ft. of vegetation loss=v

15 miles=y

7 foot doors=d

2.5 miles=x

Tower height of 80-140 ft.=t

6 foot male=m



There will be a total of 1,320,000 sq. feet of vegetation lost from the towers going along the proposed route.

I calculated that v=1,320,000

There would be 79200 feet in 15 miles. If you measured how many 7 foot doors would be in 15 miles, there would be 10,414.29 doors

I calculated that d could go into y 10,414.29 times

There would be 13,200 feet in 2.5 miles. If you measured how many 7 foot doors would be in 2.5 miles, there would be 1,885.71 doors

I calculated that d would go into x 1,885.71 times

The transmission towers are 80 to 40 feet tall. You could stack 13-23 6 foot men stacked on top of each other.

I calculated that m could go into t 13-23 times.

The total amount of towers that could go into x would be 10.

10:13,200 ft.

I calculated that you could fit 10 s's into x.

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