News & Reminders


The next Two Week enrollment period will cover Feb. 8 to 19.

Enrollments are DUE by midnight Feb. 3rd.

All Enrollments that are submitted on time will be honored- Late enrollments can be accepted as space allows. Full Day space will be limited!

If there is a box available to check - then you are welcome to attend!

If you go beyond Feb. 19th and pay- you are LOCKED IN to those sessions!

You will not be credited back for mistakes in your submissions.

Please choose your sessions carefully!

School Care Works -life hacks

  1. The Link for the BASE Parent Portal (aka School Care Works) is located on the first page of the GRE BASE Website- You can find our site by Googling GRE BASE
  2. If you have checked too many/ incorrect sessions, and have moved onto the payment page- Log Out of the system and do it over.
  3. The red asterisk * is your friend! It gives you a brief info about that session/day.
  4. If there is no box- we are either, at capacity or closed.
  5. Keep track of your enrollments by printing/screen shooting your calendar. Download it from the lower left corner. View calendar or Export calendar.

Have additional tips?

Email them to Sherry!

Next Full Day & BASE Closure

Friday Feb. 12th there is No School- BASE is open!

There are no buses available today, so we will stay onsite for Mutli-Media Day! Bring your Personal Electronics- play games! Make movies, & win Prizes! We will have board game time too! Gym time will be available throughout the day.

Capacity will be limited- No 24 hour Drop In's will be allowed.

$30 Pizza Lunch Provided

February 15th -BASE CLOSED


BASE Parking Reminder

  • Always Look Twice
  • Be watchful of the driveway area- this is used as a sidewalk from 8:45 to 9am and 4:00 to 4:15pm.
  • We chain off the parking area when it is unsafe to use, due to the child traffic volume.
  • Park within your lines- then 4 cars have the ability to park there.
  • Do Not pull all the way forward- allow children to safely walk In Front of cars.
  • Remember we are all here for the same reason- you can teach your children flexibility and tolerance when driving/parking.
  • If you have any concerns or issues take them directly to Sherry or Heather.

Summer Staycation 2016 Information

Sherry is diligently working to get our upcoming registration period due dates hammered out with the BASE Business Services Dept.

Once this information is set- We will release the timelines for the upcoming Summer Staycation Program!

What do we know for sure.....

The 2016 Summer Staycation will be fantastic!

We have taken our parent survey results and used it to taylor our Summer Program!

New This Summer-

  • 10 % Sibling Discount for Full Days
  • New locations- Mellow Mushroom & Belleview Park/, Hu Hut & Sheridan Park, Highlands Ranch Castle, the Phoenix Gold Mine, Art museum, Children's Museum, Big-Time Fun!
  • Some old favorites, returned- Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Serenity Springs, Dino Ridge/Morrison Museum, Castlewood Canyon.
  • Presentations/visitations- BASE Carnival, Canyon Critters, Vintage Photos, Denver Museum, Flippin' Flap Jack's, Bounce House and Team Games!

We visit restaurants and assorted Colorado parks on Mondays. ($40)

We are touring our great state of Colorado on Wednesdays. ($40)

We will visit Colorado pools and squirty parks on Fridays! ($40)

Tuesdays and Thursdays we are onsite for themes or presentations. ($30)

We want to thank all of you for your feedback!

It was integral in creating this years Summer Staycation Program!

Please Contact Sherry with any questions, comments or concerns!

Severe Weather Information

Snow Day/Severe Weather Procedures: Weather related schedule changes are provided to local television and radio stations. Only exceptions to normal school schedules are announced. Check the Douglas County School District’s web site ( ) or call our weather hotline at (303) 387-SNOW (7669). Any weather related schedule changes are posted by 5:00 a.m. Please watch for area delayed openings, closures, and early dismissals. If Douglas County School District is closed, ALL schools and programs in the District are closed due to severe weather.

Delayed Schedule: Unless otherwise notified, our schools that operate on a delayed schedule will start 90 MINUTES later than the normal start time. Our program is on a 90-minute delayed schedule in order to ensure that staff members arrive safely, children are adequately supervised, and Grounds personnel are able to clear parking lots and walkways in a timely manner. The program opens at 8:00am when the school is on a 90-minute delayed schedule.

Cancellation of After School Activities: When after school activities are cancelled, our after school child care programs continue to operate on a normal schedule.

Early Dismissal Schedule: On an early dismissal schedule, the B.A.S.E. program closes at the same time the school dismisses all students in order to ensure the safety of staff members and children. Please be sure emergency contact information is current and make prior arrangements for your child on inclement weather days.

School Closure: If our school is closed for the day, all programs and functions occurring in the building, including the B.A.S.E. program, are closed for the day.