Carter's Crew News

May 11th- 15th

Field Day

8:15-10:30 Stations #1-9 games and water fun

10:30-12:20 Break & Lunch

12:15-2:30 Bounce Houses & Playground

Dress Code: Boys may wear their swim trunks and a t-shirt. Girls may wear their swimsuit, but it has to be UNDER their regular clothing. All clothing much be within regular dress code. Students must wear either tennis shoes or water shoes.

All students need a complete change of clothing for the afternoon- shirt, shorts, new shoes, socks, and underwear.

Additional items needed: hat, sunglasses, towel, and WATER

Upcoming Events

May 15: Field Day

May 19: Family Fun Night & Music Program at 6:00

June 4: 1st Grade Awards at 8:15am

June 4-5: Early Release at 12:15

Language Arts

It is time for procedural texts! We will read things like recipes and instructions along with create our own "how to" piece of work!!

Spelling: how, tell, could, should, where, when, must, saw, there, they


This week we will finish up out robots using 3D shapes. The kiddos have had a BLAST engaging in this problem and constructing a creation.

We will also review 2 digit addition.


We will continue our study of living things. We will focus on plant life and the parts of a plant.